Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Senior Iraqi Vocalists Amer Toufic Takes The Voice By Storm

The Lebanese network MBC has produced the Voice, but when they did, they had no idea they would be attracting voices like that of Amer Toufic, an Iraqi singer who is 64 years old. Amer is a guy who should not be on that show, he should be judging the judges, his voice puts them all to shame and scare the hell out of them--no one on the panel can match this deep voiced Iraqi vocalist.

Though he comes from Iraq- the motherland for Kasem, he is a friend of his and they used to sing together back in Iraq. Assi Hallani told him, we learn from you, you are our teacher. Assi won him over and added him to his team. This is man who can sing, not pretend or fake his way, his voice is something out of this world.....he sang for Lebanon and Iraq...and the studio was heads over heels.

Even thought the teams have been assembled, they made a spot for him...there was a bidding war between Assi and Kadem. You might as well hand Mr. Amer the trophy and call it good. No one can out sing him, and now one has a better voice than he does--this is a chance for the Voice to tell people that they are about the voice only and not the best haircut.

اغنية عامر توفيق - إسقِ العطاش فى برنامج احلى صوت ذا فويس الموسم الثاني


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