Sunday, January 5, 2014

Very Bad News! @tamerhosny Joins #Rotana Six Years Of Negotiation

A new Rotana Cafe opened in Dubai and naturally, lots of entertainers were in attendance.

For six long years the Saudi owned company Rotana Media has courted Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny in a bid to get him to sing up with their label. The event was used to announce Tamer Hosny will be joined the music label with a sweet and special contract. CEO Salem Al Hindi broke the news at the grand opening and posed for pictures for the Egyptian pop star. "The special contract will be worthy of Tamer's Stature" said the Rotana CEO.

"The company will be doing all it can and make available all things possible to ensure the success and welfare of Tamer who has done great things all by his own" "No other company can meet the ambitions of Tamer as much as Rotana does" said the CEO.

My Comments: I think this is a very bad decision for both Rotana and Tamer Hosny. All Egyptians stars have left Rotana on bad terms and have attacked it. Tamer Hosny is not the big star he used to be three years ago. Even his songs with global stars failed to register well with people. As for Rotana, they will be throwing their money away with Tamer whose very own presence in the label will encourage others to leave the label.

Here are some facts, Tamer Hosny has not been the mega star he was prior to 2011 and his lame incident at Tahrir Square. He released two albums since the incident and half a dozen music videos. Only one album of the two had good material. He traveled the world for concerts and performed with international stars. The one thing that helps him is he is very media savvy, and controls messaging very well. For example, if you post a video that mocks Tamer or belittles him, few hours later the video will be removed by some copyright claim--he sat up some shadow entertainment company.

Now, Rotana is a great company with amazing business relations and droves of corporate sponsors. The number one complained by artists who leave the label is that Rotana limits their work and music video from being played on other TV networks. In other words, people can see Tamer Hosny only via Rotana. Some artists have a problem with that, when they want exposure and their label wants exclusivity. However, YouTube is changing that, and making it a less of a problem.   

Si Al Sayed - Tamer Hosny ft Snoop Dogg /
كليب سي السيد - تامر حسني و سنوب دوج


  1. i think your own thoughts are all bullshit, both Tamer and Rotana is taking a good step in doing something fresh.. And the things you are saying that he isnt as big as 3 years ago, no he is not, he is even bigger dude! look at your facts, how is he not the biggest star in the middleeast???

  2. Rotana doesn't release nearly the volume of music it was cranking out a few years ago, and what they put out seems to be heavily skewed toward the Gulf. More power to both of them if they can turn Tamer's tarnished star gold again, but I'd be surprised if it happens. It's hard to maintain popularity and Tamer had such a huge run, it would have been a challenge to keep up that momentum even if he hadn't created a major PR setback for himself at Tahrir Square. Music is a young person's game, and while the Arab World tends to be a bit more forgiving than, say, the US is in terms of the disposability of its pop stars, Tamer's been around for over a decade, and he's twelve years older than Mohammed Assaf. Step aside, old man. Young talent coming through!

  3. Mohammed Assad?? Dude, you are comparing a guy who just won the biggest talentshow in the arabworld with the biggest arabic singer, shame on you... That tahrir-incident is long forgotten, if you have a problem getting over it then it is your own problem.. Just look at Tamer Hosnys recent projects and look at Tamers upcoming projects, and then come talk about a falling star... people like you will be the first people to cry when he reaches the global stage, cause sooner or later it will happen.. look at Facebook and Youtube stats dude...

  4. Dudes, Tamer Hosny made a good album last year, but the 2012 album sucked! I like Tamer, I just think that he is a big ego who thinks the world owes him something. Tamer feels the need to remind us every five seconds "I am great, and I made it all on my own"....if he succeeds, we would be happy for him. But so far, all Tamer does is talk about how great international star he is! This still can happen, but he needs to stop being so annoying and instead do something original like he did when he was with Nasr Mahrous.

  5. Tamer Hosny is nasty. Anyone who thinks he is the biggest star in the middle east must of lost their mind. He says he been collaborating with famous American stars for a international album since 2011 or 2012. We are at 2014 already, and guess what, there is no album. He is just a talker.... Talk is cheap.