Saturday, January 4, 2014

Video: The Biggest New Year Parties In Beirut Lebanon @HaifaWehbe

This was two Lebanese pop icon, one dude who makes folks dance to his Lebanese beat. And another a female entertainer unlike no other. In the Lebanese capital Beirut, they sang and ringed in the new year. Sure thing, people print money out there, and spare no effort at having fun. Haifa Wehbe, and Assi Hallani may have sold out the most.

Another party brought Dina, the famed Egyptian dancer, there were other concerts to celebrate the new year throughout the capital. Dance, music, fun, and comedies were on the ticket. But bombs, political gridlock and fear were also present. Haifa really put on a good show, and even red hair. There was a lot of shouting to hear what the talents are saying back stage.

Most Lebanese entertainers were around the world celebrating , Dubai and Cairo are both popular destinations. But it's not easy to sell events and tickets when people are getting murdered left and right. Sure, we can say we are telling the world, we are open for business and we love life, but this one is too close to home.

In all events happy new year!

إيلاف في كواليس حفل هيفاء وهبي وعاصي الحلّاني في رأس السنة


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