Thursday, January 9, 2014

The One Hit-Wonder Ismael El Belbesy إسماعيل البلبيسى

Ismael El Belbesy is a one hit wonder, he emerged in the 90s, dropped one album, talked big and seemed like a nice guy with an odd personality yet makes good pop songs. I ma looking an an old promo for his album where he boasts about his good songs, and album....but the music was so good that he has never attempted to make a comeback.

His one album was titled "Shadeen", "We've Witnessed or Two Witnesses" He is now a professor of music with a family of three ladies, he also works along his father in a factory the family owns. He made one music video on a shoe string budget, and the song was a classic. He has a sense of humor and a nice smile, a very Egyptian brand indeed.

His most memorable song is called "Ghorba" or Homesickness, it remains one the most beautiful songs he has ever made on the subject. In a recent comedy, his song was featured and more and more people are learning about this one hit wonder. This is an emotional song with a smooth music where Western elements meets Eastern melodies.

Ismael El Belbesy Album Promo / إعلان ألبوم إسماعيل البلبيسى - شاهدين

الغربة - اسماعيل البلبيسي


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