Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Marwa Naji Is the Strongest And Finest Voice On The Voice

Marwa Naji appeared on the Lebanese produced The Voice and she scared everyone off including the judges with her talent and her mighty voice. She is no amateur singer, but a seasoned opera singer in Egypt who has been singing in the House if Opera for years. Her voice is stronger than at least two other judges.  She sang in Alexandra, Cairo and other Egyptian cities house of operas.

It's sort of unfair, because she has the training and experience to perfect her craft more than her peers on the show. But it seems there is more drama....Sherine who sits on the judges panel did use to belong to the same groups with the Children Coral in the opera along with Marwa. When Marwa sang and appeared, Sherine did not remember or pretended not to know Marwa. This is one of the reasons Marwa chose a different team--she joined team Saber El Robaei.

Her style of singing is in line with the oldies, she moves mountains with her powerful voice--it's resonant voice if anything. Her voice offers a rare variety

Marwa paces her voice well, she has the right level of high pitch and her pauses allow you to let it sink in and she is certainly not short on passion: This all-important quality will be the biggest selling point you have. know your voice.

#MBCTheVoice - "مروى ناجي "موال برضاك


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