Friday, January 17, 2014

Madeline Matter On Haifa Weheb And Her Music Career

Lebanese pop divas are a dime a dozen, good ones are also many. One of the clever ones is Madeline Mattar, the golden lady of pop. Madeline is a well-known figure in Lebanon and in some parts of Egypt. She is one of those likable figures who works in silence and seems to have friends in each of the pop songstress at home.

She is shooting a new music video in Lebanon, after she sang that Iraqi song, this time the song in Lebanese and it feels classical. She just gave an interview given some clues about her upcoming music video that deals with cheating in the celebrity world. She also shot an ad for her music label that feels like a music video

She also spoke about Haifa Wehbe, and her past with Rotana. She also has a new Egyptian movie, I like how she would not do sex scenes. She still singles dudes, so stand in line

مادلين مطر: هيفاء وهبي إنطلقت من جديد بعد طلاقها


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