Thursday, January 9, 2014

This Song Is On FIRE! Listen: شيرين - شكراُ يا شهم / Sherine - Shokran Ya Shahm

Someone call the fire department, Egyptian pop diva Sherine is on FIRE. Does this lady make any bad songs? I seriously doubt that! Sherine Abdel- Wahab is gearing up for a strong 2014! She kicked it off with The Voice, and now she is due for anew album...two songs were released...two are amazing work.

A piece of art, where it would be hard to make these two singles are more perfect that they are. Sherine is picking winners, and maybe it's because many of us like, her and expect nothing less than great songs from this uniquely talented entertainer.

She does enjoy a fiery personality, but when it comes to work, she is all serious. She has produced this album and this way she ensures control and rewards....she is a huge draw and all across Arabia she is selling venues and moving records. It's a moving song that progresses and gets better with every second. Sherine has a voice that can do more complicated songs, but pop also fits her.

You can dance and cry at the same time, hurt and pain won't stop this's almost like a revenge song....often we say mean things to people we loved, only to hurt them. Then later we know we have wronged them, but they may have been unkind to us. I think Rotana may now have to regret letting Sherine go off their label.

شيرين - شكراُ يا شهم / Sherine - Shokran Ya Shahm


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