Sunday, January 26, 2014

SCANDAL Egyptian Playboy And Sleezy Actor Ahmed Ezz Fathers Twins With Actress Zeina

She is a babe and the darling of Egyptian cinema, her name is Zeina. She filmed a movie in 2007 with Egypt's notorious playboy actor Ahmed Ezz. Seven years later, Zeina came back form the United States with a twin, and at the airport. She told the immigration officers, these are my kids from Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz. Funny thing happened, few days earlier, both Zeina and Ahmed Ezz denied the allegations which were made by an Egyptian who lived in California. That person had spotted the couple in town and saw Zeina frequent a weight loss/gym facility in town.

One more fact, in August of last year Zeina had moved to the States claiming to have some training in Hollywood, when now we know she just wanted to be away from the spotlight and giving birth to twins who are now American citizens. Also we now learn that in November 2013, Zeina had sued Ahmed Ezz to proof paternity of the children. Zeina gave birth in October second and they boys named Zain El Deen and Ezz El Deen. The couple also seem to have one of these sham marriages where it resembled a contract not filed with any official entity.

Now, your move dips hit Ahmed Ezz, will you do the right thing? and come public? Keep on mind Ahmed Ezz had been bragging about his hot wife. It takes two but Ahmed Ezz is a smooth operator who is a gifted bullshiter. Also to blame the airport officers who shared the news!  

This is one bizarre chapter and hope things end up being fair for all parties involved. Here's the reality, the father has walked away from his children, and Zeina despite the stigma has kept by her children and risked it all to bring them home. The sad part, the female would be the first to be judged and attacked on her character. 


  1. I looooove this site and the way you comment on the bullshit that's happening. Like props to you.

  2. I think Ahmed is Handsome wish He was hrre in America we would star a fan club