Saturday, February 28, 2015

Singer/ Director Jad Shwery Teams With Slumdog Bosy For Agaza @JadShwery

To some people, Jad Shwery made a career in insulting feminism and women who respect themselves. He is the director who convinced a dozen of Arabia's biggest female artists to take off their clothes for his music video. Though he did direct a number of tasteful music videos for (like he did with Nawal Zoghby and Diana Haddad) But overall, he is the guy you call when are unafraid to show a ittle bit of skin. in exchange for fame.

When he is not wearing the director's hat or if he is singing. And often times he does duets with other artists like his big hit from a decade ago with Malak Nasser. In 2015 though he paired himself with Bosy, Egypt's hottest Sha'aby and slum dog music. Together they are singing about taking a vacation from life's tragedies. Bosy sounds very fine here and she actually is enjoyable and comes across a lot classier than her past hits. Jad's vocals are hid behind some computer affects, he sounds a lot like a backup vocalist or a featured guest. Then he raps a bit toward the end but Bosy marshes on and carries the song

Bosy rocks out here, and the topic is pretty fresh and the song feels like a good party song or a track you play on your car on your night commute. I like Jad Shwery in doses, he is one of the most fun personalities in the music scene in Lebanon and sometimes he throws himself into the Egyptian mix like he does her. When you try as many new things as he has, you would begin to understand that sometimes things don't click.    

Jad Shwery and Bosy - Agaza (Official Audio) / جاد شويري وبوسي - أجازة

The Sheer Yoga Pants Music Video! Jana - Bint Gdida / جنى - بنت جديدة @JanaOnlineWorld

When you are Lebanese and when your resume includes winning a spot on Studio El Fan, we must listen. Jana claimed the silver medal on the popular talent scouting show. But then all this vanished when I saw her music video, she is going for the sexy version of herself. sheer Yoga pants? Gym? Spa? Pool? club?....all the cliches in one music video....She does it all and the guy she is falling for him looks like a sissy (judging by the weight he lifts)

I do not know what goes into her head of the director, but perhaps he wasn't thinking with his head after all. It feels like a teen music video made to make all the boys in high school happy. That's fine, but Jad Shewry is doing his thing once more. I think this music video may be seen as an assault on feminism and all the nice work women in Lebanon have done to advance.

This is a club mix, which means the artists voice does not really matter because it's a sideshow in this noise-filled work of art. I think she should be free to make whatever music videos she wants to, but one question sticks out, does she really want to make this music video, or does she want to make a name for himself by going overboard. Maybe I had enough of young girls singing to make the man happy.

Jana - Bint Gdida (Official Clip) / جنى - بنت جديدة

Friday, February 27, 2015

Meet The HR Consultant With A Voice of A Goddess, Nidal Ibourk!

The kingdom of Morocco seems to have an infinite supplies of good looking people who can sing and dazzle your ears off. World meets Nidal Ibourk from the Voice fame. Nidal lives in the United States (Illinois) and she chose to sing a different song than she hears being recorded and released in Arabia. She is a Human resource professional with a Masters' degree in this field. Nidal Ibourk is a virtuous singer and a multi-talented artist who has already headlined concerns in Morocco, Europe, and the US. But nothing prooelled her to fame like her competing on the MBC Voice in Lebanon where she joined team Assi Hallani.

There are strong vocals in this song, a show of force and muscles. It's not an everyday event when an Arab-American does a song that crosses the pond, but this is a welcome change. Nidal is hardly, the first Moroccan to make music from the diaspora....Houda Saad does it from Switzerland. Though Nidal and I have yet to meet in the States, we are both members of the same organization. Perhaps a telling personal attribute of hers is that she comes across as a gracious lady who always like to thank those who helped her and make her stardom a reality. I like that.

You cannot not fall in love with this single, since it offers three awesome things, a powerful female voice soaked in emotional depth, a lovable Moroccan dialect and lyrics that touches one's soul. And lastly, delightful music, and wonderful arrangement. It's a nice way how well-blended the musical elements are. Nidal Ibourk is a name we all should remember, because if she keep trying like this, she will be a household in every corner. Why not, when she has the intimacy of Fairouz, the warmth of Najjat Al Sagirah, and the late Zikra's hint of sadness.

Nidal Ibourk- Sawal Qalbi (Official Lyric Video)| نضال إيبورك - سول قلبي

Jennifer Grout Wants To Master Eastern Takht Music

Oud, Violin, Qanunu, Nay, Rababah, Santtor, and Daf and you got yourself an Eastern Takht Music. This from of singing that has become known during the Turkish "Ottoman" era in the 1850s and the musicians sat on the level of a bed and performed.  This has become a very tough art form to master specially for singers who wants to establish their cred.

Jennifer had another challenge, the language challenge, she worked with her friend and Arabic tutor to master the words that she will be later singing. Some of her fans got to see her in the States, here in Washington DC where she performed in January some old Arabic songs.

The American lady who almost won the title of Arabs Got Talent has a dream which is to master this singing form. She has came close to doing this Tarab songs in about two minutes. Now she has to do the same thing for at least 30 minutes. You build up the song, and then climax, and you retrieve.

جينيفر جراوت: أحلم بالغناء على موسيقى "التخت" الشرقي

Arabs Got Talent - النهائيات - جينيفر جراوت

Download This! Amer Zayan , The Babe of Lebanese Singers Lands With a 2015 Album

The babe of guy pop is Amer Zayan is also the best dressed pop idol from Lebanon in recent years. Now, not only is he a good looking singer, but he is also the best-dressed and most fashionable star. He is like a catalog model. And he is all smiles as he releases his most recent album.

Titled "2015" as he is not sure what title to go with, which can be only a good sing of his nine tracks. I likes his album from two years ago and I know he has been working hard on his follow-up. His lead seems to be Bala Black, which he has filmed as music video.

Aside from looks, he has a good soothing voice that seems to align with one's voice in head. He sings to a woman and makes her feel wanted, but he also offers other comments and life wisdom. Though the album is concerned with the Gulf market as 80 percent of the tracks are not even in the Lebanese dialect. Amer wants to make a big name in the Gulf where the concerts are big the checks are huge. I have to note the Marwan Khoury crafted track here (number 8) It's a gift from the skies.

Album link

01 - Bala Black
02 - Bs Bs Kafi
03 - Dari Wala Mo Dari
04 - Low Enta
05 - Maktob Ahebak
06 - Meno Ele Yhen
07 - Min Tighar
08 - Rah Ghani Ellaila
09 - Yala Yala Elma Nemta

Amer Zayan ... Rah Ghani El Layli - Video Clip | عامر زيان ... رح غنّي الليلة - فيديو كليب

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Egyptians Hate Foreigners ....Don't Go There Now @misrorayba

The government in Egypt is planning a big blitz to market their country as a destination for world's tourists. Just like every other touristy country they are after their money. No shame in that, but Egypt is like no other country in the sense that they are going through a phase of hyper-nationalism. Which means any foreigner taking picture can be arrested, humiliated and held for questions.


In the army run nation, everyone is a suspect and since they have marketed a big conspiracy theory being waged against the country. So many tourists have been questioned by random security personnel, they government even urged its people to be vigilant and take matters into their hand when it comes to their nation's security. I like visiting Egypt, but not this one. The current one is a police state and I would hate to go into a country and benefit the economy that abuses people and denies them their freedom of speech.

So since not many people consider going to Egypt, their buddies in the repressive regimes in the Gulf send their people to enjoy and to party in this country who has seen better days. Which explains the many faces dressed in traditional dresses popular in the Gulf. So their latest attempt to marker the country and the regime with it is a new campaign called Misr Orayba, which translates into Egypt is near. It's near something, not good though. It would have been an honest take to market it as Egypt is cheap, since the economy is in the toilet--things are so cheap right now including the life of Egyptian. s

What I do not get is that only last year some vocal talking heads and leaders were talking about sealing their borders and denying entry to all foreigners (they are trouble) Now the regime wants the same foreigners to bail them out with their dollars. There are lots of good people in Egypt and many poor people benefiting from tourism.

There are many actors and singers who have donated their time for this ad, lots of celebrities. Had I liked the regime, I would have liked this new track. There are other non-Egyptian singers and talents that appear in this work. I am reminded of a marketing campaign that was done in California by celebrities who wanted to be cool. I like what Yemeni Belkis had to say, she looks and sounds good. Nawal from Kuwait chimes in. This is a big production, though the regime in Egypt still stinks. One of the lines in the song is about removing borders.... which is odd, since this regime has locked sad for the people in Gaza and now Libya and Syrian remain on the blacklist.  

أوبريت مصر قريبة .... Misr Orayba - Official Video Clip

Amer Zayna Is Gonna Party Tonight! عامر زيان ... رح غنّي الليلة

His name is Amer Zayan and he knows he is the bomb. Without a care in the world, and nothing will stop Lebanese heartthrob from having a good time. His music video promises that he will sing tonight, and he does. It looks so fancy and glamorous. It's a party in some palace and he looks like a billion dollar man.

 He is at some party and Amer Zayna likes and knows how to have a good time, he dances with the ladies, but only one lady moves him. I detect a foreign beat--maybe Greek that serves as a break form the song. Its one of his finer songs, thanks to gifts of Marwan Khoury who composed both the lyrics and the music.

He released anew album this week and already we get a music video from the guy. It's unclear to me weather women find him hot or pretty....but he takes good care of his style. That might not bee a good thing if he consumes too much time or tries to hard. But for now, I have nothing but love for this new music video. 
Amer Zayan ... Rah Ghani El Layli - Video Clip | عامر زيان ... رح غنّي الليلة - فيديو كليب

The Must Own Geroge Wassouf Essential Album 2015 Arrives

George Wassouf came out of retirement last year and did a mega concert for the new year. The beloved and sometimes controversial Syrian music legend has suffered a number of health setbacks and received medical attention in few countries. His fan base gave him a cult fellowship. and he is right to be an idol for so many of us. his fan base is made up of cab drivers, professors, old school music fans, young folks, the fun bunch and the negative bunch. He is an idol for men and women, everyone knows who he is, and they appreciate his music as well.

Now Rotana has just released a collection album for some of his finest hits that he sang while on their lable. All these songs come from the past decade. They are hits and tell different stories about romance and about life. but most of all George's music is always about people and doing the right thing. To me his songs are what would your grandpa would teach you about life--don't give a shit and do not try to change who you are.   

Here are the fourteen tracks, you will know them and have memorized them by now. the new album is brilliantly titled "We've Missed You" While we await new songs, the old ones are always there to offer nostalgia.

01 - Allah Karim
02 - El Sabri Tayib
03 - Salaf W Dayn
04 - Asaab Fourak
05 - Heya El Ayam
06 - Shoukran
07 - Etakhart Ktear
08 - Kesert Koul El Nass
09 - Saber W Radi
10 - Aalem Albi El Shok
11 - Benfakkar Bel Nass
12 - Khadney El Hanean
13 - Min Hena We Rayeh
14 - Bastana Bel Youm Wel Youmen

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meet My Guilty Pleasure, Yasmin Gamal

Yasmin Gamal, a name I feel I should have heard of before, but not really. She's got a new music video out and it starts classy, she has the gorgeous look. The look for sure bests the voice, the voice is not hitting the high notes.

Not a memorable voice, but yet entertaining. This song is about and from a lady who has confidence of her personality and talent. I like her songs, but they are a guilty pleasure of mine. they are very girly songs and they make me think of my little girl singing them.

She is certainly a new voice and young one from Egypt, but she got a music video made, I like the lyrics, the dance moves and the wardrobe. Yasmin Gamal facebook page just registered today, hich tells you, she released a song and an offical page on the same day. She may be the pop flavor of the month, but she makes happy songs about relationships and the little details and clichés that go into a love story.

Ahla Wahda - Yasmin Gamal احلى واحده - ياسمين جمال

Can You Tell Where Reem Comes From?

Reem is the star of her music video. A song that kicks of in that popular Iraqi/Gulf rumba beat. She is all about the show business and it works well for her style. This is a bet od a sweet dance long beloved by the people in the Gulf. This is a dance show disguised as a song.

I do not loath this song and I think Reem Tamer is up to something here with her latest music video. The outfits are sizzling. I am certain the head covers with these hot shorts/mini skirts will set some people off. I believe the director got couple of shots of her butt of glory.

Dubai is becoming a hub for many artists and they are shooting music videos and recording songs over there in volumes that rivals Egyptian and Lebanese studios. Though quantity does not mean quality by any definition.

I could not find much info on Reem's background. I can tell she works in the UAE, but where she is from is a mystery to me. She must be starting just now. We know that Jad Shwery directed her here and he returns to his roots of making raunchy music videos for female artists. 
Reem Tamer Amor ريم تامر أمر

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How A Hand Gesture Can End Your Music Career and Blacklist You in Egypt

The president of the Egyptian music guild did not like what he hears about a fellow artist being banned from singing in Egypt. Mostafa Kamel is reported to have said he had nothing to do with the banning of indie musician Hamza Namira. He spoke in clear and strong words that he does not like to see the elimination of fellow artists.

Hamza Namira was banned by the secretary of the guild. This decision was based on two silly allegations. The first Hamza Namira's music is being used by the Muslim Brotherhood. Second, a photo of the artist gesturing with his hand four fingers as a sign he does not approve of the Raba'a Massacre. We do not even know if this picture is genuine.

Hear the secretary say a bunch of silly things, I love how he talks about YouTube and Facebook. He is an idiot. He has no proof, he is full of shit. Other artists came to support Hamza Namira--even though they may not support his opinions. Hamza never spoke about this situation, he is apolitical figure. I respect the host for sticking to the right principles. He called out the secretary. It seems this is slow season and this guy is trying to make a name for himself. This secretary is a loser. He is hiding behind a flag and the army. I do not see how he is picking on an international respected star who inspires people. Even people who like the army and hate the brotherhood are defending the indie artist.
He claims he asked Hamza Namira to come for questioning, he said Hamza never came. It's a shame, this is disgusting. I do not know how the artists of Egypt allow this idiot to speak in their name. Hamza still refuses to appear on talk show like Aljazeera to speak on this. He chose silence.

#ممكن | شطب حمزة نمرة من نقابة المهن الموسيقية

Hatem Al Iraqi Brings The Joy of Romance Into The Lives Of Iraqis

Hatem Al Iraqi is a father of five and sibling to six. He is the oldest among his siblings and grew up in a house where his father worked as a driver and he worked as a gas station attendant. His voice is nothing without that flaming sadness in it.

He started singing in the 90s to escape the woes that he lived as a middle class Iraqi. He would record songs in his town's studio and sell cassettes locally. He started as a Sha'abi folksy singer but soon enough he would appear on various Iraqi channels.

He lived in Iraq during the most dire years under that international blockade. His southern throat is a gift from  the big guy. He event kept on singing after the American invasion of 2003. Most of his songs are about love and romance during war. He has sang many songs for his beloved Iraq and those songs have traveled to places wherever Iraqis and other Arabs made a home.

but he also tries to wear a different hat and sell the hip/nerd image like he is doing in his latest music video. I do not know why so many Iraqi artists have a low self-esteem. It's like they travel the world and only learn the outer lessons like visible goods. To be fair, he still sounds awesome and a real delight to breath in. Why does he drive a girly pink beetle car?

Hatem has more than fifteen albums to his name and he keeps making good music that brings Iraqis together. As for his most famous song, here it is

Hatem Al Iraqi ... Ayesh Weyah - Video Clip | حاتم العراقي ... أعيش وياه - فيديو كليب

Monday, February 23, 2015

Did Nancy Ajram Just Release Another Boring Music Video?

I hate to hate on her, but it might be me whose taste has changed. It could be me that I grew up too fast or that I graduated form the Nancy school...or that she is over stretched by appearing on Arab Idol as a judge. The people who liked you in 2002 are now turning into their thirties and forties. So it might be a time to try different things.

It was a good album two years ago, and we have already seen like six music videos form that album. Nancy you are still cool, but walk away form Fady Haddad, he might be the busiest music video director in Lebanon, but he does not have any new ideas. He is safe and boring. I mean I like the general feel, but maybe we have seen too many of these Nancy Ajram music videos? Maybe she is making them with few on mind. This is a romantic song that lacks the warmth and the coziness of a complicated love story.

I would have liked this song had I been a teenager, but this music video is a filed attempt to make a classy Nancy Ajram. This is a good idea, but bad execution. I know Nancy worked with just about every music video director out there, the new and the old. Some were good music videos, others was lame. This one is no classic. And while you are at, fire the guy who did the makeup, it shows that you may have had some work done.

If you liked the music video, please tell me in the comment section why. I think some fans feel the same way about Lady Gaga who was unstoppable in 2010-2013. Then now she is something else and no longer generates headlines. At least Nancy Ajram outlasted hundreds of other singers.

Nancy Ajram - W Bkoun Jayi Wade3ak official video clip - نانسي عجرم - فيديو كليب وبكون جايي ودّعك

Five Minutes With The Late Lebanes Legend Wadie Safy

So one of the iconic voices of Lebanese and Arabic song passed away last year, but no one of us is ready to give up on this legend who deserves much better from his country that could not organize an official state funereal for him. The man of charm and mountain voice will always be around for generations to come. His voice has shaped and defined Lebanese music culture.

He did not stop singing, even in his last days he kept his smile, and stayed sharp--he wrote music and sang along other younger voices who adore the sight of him. Here's one of his classic songs, where he is pleading with his loved one to come back. He is praying for his first, last and every love he has ever known.

وديع الصافي - على الله تعود (نسخة صافية)

على الله تعود على الله 
يا ضايع في ديار الله 
من بعدك أنت يا غالي 
ما لي أحباب غير الله 
يلي مرمرت زماني 
كانك بطلت تهواني 
يا أبو الأحباب لاقيني 
من بعد غياب هنيني 
حاجي من دموعي تسقيني 
نشفت دموعي اي والله 

على الله تعود بهجتنا والفراح 
وتغمر دارنا البسمة والفراح 
قضينا العمر ولف ضل وولف راح 
وضاع العمر هجران وغياب 

لو جاني يوم مرسالك 
و طمني يوم عن حالك 
لطرب الفؤاد كرمالك 
واسجد على أبواب الله

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Palestinian Refugees LOVE This Song

This was a poem written by Amal Donqol, the poem has been turned into a song so many times. And ever since, this has been picked up by the hard-liners and the people who have suffered the most on the hands of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The song is about not compromising, not even they exchange that for the gold. The line, I like is if they poke your eyes, and replace them with jewels will you be able to see now?

It's a nostalgic poem about the history and the blood that has been spilled. The song has been picked up by so many causes, it's like a rallying cry of what has happened and why one should not let it be forgotten.

لا تصالح

Opera Songstress Takes On Pop Aya Abdallah - El Leila

Some people know and like Aya Abdallah, this is the first time I hear of her. And I am glad I have stumbled upon her and her new song. Aya has been honored last year for best rising star and she has a TV show with a Dubai based network where she hosts other celebrities.

This Egyptian vocalist who started as a soloist on an opera orchestra and took on a challenge be appearing on "Sawt Alhyah" singing competition. Aya came on the third spot for Egypt's Arab Music festival in 2011 and the second spot in 2014. This is a huge comeption for young and unknown Egyptian opera quality vocalists and so many other bright talents compete. She is also a graduate of the University of Cairo.

Comes now another single from Aya, it's pretty snazzy, loud and all about get up and dance. This is music for the masses with integrity.
Aya Abdallah - El Leila | اية عبد الله - الليلة

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Leave Sabine and Marco Da Silva Alone!

Dancing With the Stars is a hit show in Lebanon, to my surprise of course. But the show was able to recruit droves of celebrities to their dance floor. Sabine on the other hand is a pop star who likes to incorporate creative dance moves into her shows. But she wants to be the best in dancing, so she has chose to work with the best..... Marco Da Silva is a natural born dancer whose moves, body, expression and tattoos make him one of the most recognizable dancers nowadays.

Watch him give her some tips on curating the best dance scene. He seems to be talking about ethics, and professionalism. Marco Da Silva  is tough to work with, but Sabine really wants to give him a 100 percent. Choreographers are key to making any dance look special, but the good ones are not cheap, and they seem to have a huge ego and an eye for beauty.

.. Sabine and Marco Da Silva Announcement -اعلان سابين وماركو دا سيلفا للتدرب على الرقص.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu And His Party Steal A Palestinian Rap Song--Gets Sued By The Rappers

In Jordan there is a rap group for Palestinian Jordanians who does songs about longing for the return to Palestine and how homesick they are. Torabya did a song to zing the extremists of ISIS/ISIL or Da'esh and hoped the songs will do well and that their fans will enjoy it. That all happened, but also more than that. It seems that the Israeli politicians wanted to use the song for an ad campaign in their March election. The song is anti-occupation, and zings the politicians of Palestine from all parties for having failed.

The Likud party which is headed be the sneaky and greasy politician Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi wanted to instill fear in the hearts and minds of voters, so he chose to scare the hell out of them with the threat of ISIS extremists. Though most Arabs feel that ISIS is not a threat to the state of Israel, but a friend of the state of the occupation.

This is a heavy duty songs that has some many thoughts, it's keen on shaming the Israeli occupation. It uses those grim black blindfold in what seems like a march. Needless to say the artists are insulted that the Israelis would use their songs for advance their anti-Palestinian agenda. Worse, no one asked them for the songs' rights. So according to Reuters and Radio Sawa the artists filed a lawsuit in a Haifa court against the party. In their press release, the artists in the band said a lot of things about Israel, the occupation and the theft of their work.

I do not think anything will stop the Israelis from stealing things, not even the UN.  But I find it funny, that aside form stealing the food of the natives, now they go after their music too in such a twisted manner. The Israelis used the music video to hint that these guys are extremists of ISIS. But they are not. So not only do the steal the song, they also defame the artists and lable them with unsubstantiated charges  
أغنية غربة- Ghorba

حزب الليكود يستخدم أغنية "غربة" لفرقة "ترابية" ضمن حملته الانتخابية

Rosy Turns Up The Heat For "Daket Mehbajek" Thank You @jadshwery

Rosy seems like a cool name for a bright star. This is a new music video from a new songstress, she chose to do throwback to vintage Arabic songs of the desert. She even wear the customs, and the dance moves plus all the props. I like the song, I am just turned off by the music video. It undercuts the song a bit.

While this may be a cross where Bedouin and Gypsy meet. I like her voice though I think she is afraid to change her range of voice. She stick to the comfortable middle. I like her charm here and she is comfortable with what she is doing. Unlike many female artists, sometimes they get pushed by their directors, not Rosy.

It turns out her song is an actual hit in Lebanon and in the Gulf--we have the radio to thank for this viral fame. Rosy has done songs in the past, but this is the song that can be dubbed her comeback. Jad Shwery directed Rosy and she did not disappoint. As you will see form this link, Rosy did offend some people.

Very few artists can do this song and Rosy can feel good about this surprise hit
Rosy Daket Mehbajek روزي دقة مهباجك

Music Event, Rock for Rasmea


A benefit show raising awareness for Rasmea Odeh and all political prisoners, sponsored by the Anti-War Committee.
Join us for “Rock for Rasmea,” an inspiring multimedia arts event raising awareness about Palestinian-American community leader Rasmea Odeh’s case in connection to broader political repression. Aiming to engage youth and raise awareness about Rasmea Odeh and all US political prisoners, the evening will feature:
· Remarks by Rasmea Odeh, herself!
· Short films curated by Mizna
· Spoken word curated by local artist Sarah Thamer
· Sets by local Twin Cities musicians BdotCroc, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, Manny Phesto, Tall Paul and Oliver Quincy
· Auction of local and Palestinian art, gift certificates to restaurants, film and theater tickets, and more!

More info here

Rasmea Odeh is a Palestinian-American feminist, activist, educator and community leader. She’s being criminalized for her movement-building as part of an ongoing witch-hunt that targets Arabs, particularly Palestinians, and all oppressed people who actively oppose US militarism and racism. The US government has sought to squash movements for justice and liberation, especially those fought by indigenous peoples and people of color. As a Palestinian woman who already spent 10 years behind bars from a corrupt conviction based on a tortured confession, we must demand she not be caged again. Please join us to raise awareness and funds for her legal team as they appeal a November conviction that could see her imprisoned for years in the US, and deported.
Sliding scale donation $8-$25, but no one turned away for lack of funds.

This event is made possible thanks to Intermedia Arts’ VERVE Grants for Spoken Word poets and 2012 grant winner Misty Rowan. Endorsed byMN Committee to Stop FBI repression, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP UMN), US Palestinian Community Network- Minnesota Chapter, Mizna, Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign, Middle East Peace Now,Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 Minneapolis, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc), UMN Women’s Student Activist Collective, Jewish Voice for Peace- Twin Cities, and Students for a Democratic Society at UMN. -

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Latifa AlTunisia Shames Arab Leaders And Calls For Unity @LatifaOfficial New Song

Arab nationalist is about as popular as Ebola right now. No one seems to want it anymore. Just look at Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine and you will know right away that everyone is trying to fend for themselves. But old Arab nationalists die hard, and I consider Latifa one of the original artists who subscribe to this idea.

The dazzling Tunisian diva released a new song about Arab unity in time for Egypt bombing Libya and the Jordanian and the UAE ganging up on Syria. The song says something about Arab land and unity. It might be a call to put the Arab regimes to shame. It's a song that does not believe in artificial borders.

I like the song, but I wish that it would tell people to calm down and not rush to pile on their fellow Arabs. Maybe we all need a bit of forgiveness in the area. Sure, there are conspiracies in the dark, but we should not fall for them. Not everything bad happens is to blame America or Iran. Be grownups and for once, ditch the sectarian mindset.

Well done Latifa, your time comes at a dark moment in the Arab history and I know the right people will appreciate it as they channel surf, they cannot escape the carnage.    

Song name: Labyaka ya Alam Al Orooba
Lyrics by: Mohammed Salman
Composed by: Mohammed Salman
Arranged by:
Produced by: Latisol 2009
Latifa [Audio] - Lbayka ya Alam Al Orooba | لطيفة - لبيك يا علم العروبة

Afroman Arrested After Punching A Girl Fan (Video)

RAPPER Afroman has been arrested for assault after police say he punched a female fan on stage during a concert in US city of Biloxi.

AFROMAN, who is best known for his hit Because I Got High, was arrested on Tuesday night and his show was cancelled.

The 40-year-old rapper, whose real name is Joseph Foreman, was released by Biloxi police after posting $US330 ($A422) bond.

Afroman issued a public apology at 1 p.m. Wednesday in response the incident in which he punched a woman who got on stage during his concert at Kress Live in Biloxi.

In a Skype interview with TMZ, he said he will be checking into a facility to help him deal with his anxiety issues.

"There was three wrongs in the situation," he said. "All I want to do is right my wrong."
He said the woman should have never been on stage and security should have been able to stop her.
"I'm up there trying to do a job," he said. "Honestly, I didn't know a girl was behind me when I swung."

There was a man next to the stage heckling him throughout the performance, he said. When he felt
someone bump him, he thought it was the man.
Joseph Edgar Foreman more known as Afroman Punches girl on stage

more here

Platinum Records Presents Habib Ali 2015 - Soon (Video)

Platinum Records is trying to make a profit in the Arabic music industry. From their lavish Dubai offices, they have been busy signing artists left and right using a profit sharing model. While they have about seven young names on their label, they always can use more. While Ramy Ayach is hip and Assaf is hot, they need to do more to attract other mainstream artists.

The challenge is on figuring out a way to make a profit. While Platinum is happy to be in charge of distributing music and keeping their costs low--they may have to do a bit more than what we see. It's hard our there for a music executive. Rotana is making most of the money (they control so many outlets) But Platinum has done far better in the digital model and since they are small and nimble, they can get things done quicker.

Here's Habib Ali with a new album, the guy in charge of the label is Iraqi, so he attracts other Iraqis to the label. Let's hope they figure out a way to sell records in Europe, Canada, US and Australia where millions of Iraqis live.
حبيب علي 2015 - قريباً | Habib Ali 2015 - Soon

Listen: محمود سلطان – خلي عندك شخصية – Mahmoud Sultan – Khali Andak Shakhsiya

Mahmoud Sultan sounds like a wise man for a young singer, he is telling his gal not to try to change herself for him---just be you. No need to change the physical stuff due to peer-pressure. He also says he likes the way she are perfect and God only made only one of you. These are fair lyrics from a hip singer who is trying to break into the music biz.

I love the beat, and the style Mahmoud Sultan used for his single, his song is about simplicity, he loves her and wants her to be strong. This is a good choice for a new comer....hope it lands well and the word get out about this positive track. To be honest, Sultan has a sweet voice, I just do not think he let it all out, you can hear it toward the middle portion of the song

 محمود سلطان – خلي عندك شخصية – Mahmoud Sultan – Khali Andak Shakhsiya

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Event: "My Voice Is My Weapon"

What: ‘In My Voice Is My Weapon, David A. McDonald rethinks the conventional history of the Palestinian crisis through an ethnographic analysis of music and musicians, protest songs, and popular culture. Charting a historical narrative that stretches from the late-Ottoman period through the end of the second Palestinian intifada, McDonald examines the shifting politics of music in its capacity to both reflect and shape fundamental aspects of national identity.

Drawing case studies from Palestinian communities in Israel, in exile, and under occupation, McDonald grapples with the theoretical and methodological challenges of tracing “resistance” in the popular imagination, attempting to reveal the nuanced ways in which Palestinians have confronted and opposed the traumas of foreign occupation. The first of its kind, this book offers an in-depth ethnomusicological analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, contributing a performative persp

More info here 

WATCH: Pascale Machalani ... Ya Mdagdag #Average

Pascale Machalani returned with anew album late last year. I did not make time to blog about it. But when she released a music video. I had no choice but to pitch in. One of her songs or at least the one she filmed was for a Jordanian folklore song. Sure, now there is a Jordanian folklore in music and Pascale Machalani is breathing some air into it.

Roa saw the music video and she almost did not recognize her favorite artist form the 90s. She did a lot of work and she is looking better than she has been the past few years. She is a pop star, an original artist where the image mattered. The music video she boards the part bus and the party takes off as all the boys got nothing else but to stalk her.

I like the music, but it's the only unoriginal part. I think this is a welcome comeback from Pascale Machalani. She has been missing from the scene. You may love or hate her look, but if she is content, why the hate? At least give her some credit for the outfits and for making a second run, she does have a strong voice, and I hope she fins her comfort zone in those crazy times. Maybe she is trying to be someone else here instead of trying to be her real self.

Pascale Machalani ... Ya Mdagdag - Video Clip | باسكال مشعلاني ... يا مدقدق - فيديو كليب

Lebanese Carlos Celebrates His Little Village

Lebanese people love the hills, the countryside, the rivers, creeks, trees and the food. They may travel the world, but they always want to own property at home. Despite the political mess, people still love their towns from near and afar. Carlos just released a song for his little village and it's loaded with nostalgic references about youth.

Carlos is a C list singer who is quite good and from the song he likes olive trees. But the surprise is the music which has been composed by Assi Hallani. The same proud Lebanese guy and singer. While most artists sing for country, Carlos choose his own little village/town to sing. This way he tells a story close to heart and do something a bit personal.

I am not from Lebanon, but I understand the passion people have for their towns and those green hills.

Carlos - ع تراباتك يا كورة

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A World Where Females Rule! A Lebanese Fantasy Film "Niswaan Lesh Laa"

The Lebanese cinema is celebrating the release of a new film a comedy about a universe where woman are in charge of everything. It seems like a fun movie that addresses the roles of genders in society. The film was promised to tackle an important issue, but I know from an inside source, that the budget was cut toward the end--which tight the hands of the director and editors.

They had a premier in downtown Biuret, I think this is a worthy film to see, it will inspire the debate to talk on these topics. Furthermore, this is a nice film done by local talents who want to do good by their country. I have also heard that the script from the film was shared with an Egyptian filmmaker who made his own movie and released ahead of the Lebanese one. This is a wonderful film to be made in Lebanon where the female population tends to take on more roles and push more envelopes. Equality anyone?

This is a dark comedy that takes on a number of touch subjects as traditional conservative thoughts and extremist ones.

إيلاف تلتقي نجوم فيلم "نسوان... ليش لأ"

Top Spot Goes To Mohammed Assaf "Palestinian-Blooded" @MohammedAssaf89

Assaf found a lot of success with all kinds of songs, but it seems he reserves his best energy to those songs that celebrate Palestine. He is great at romantic songs (cover and originals) But it seems that we are always ready to listen to him when he has a song about Palestine. Even those Arabs appreciate those kind of songs as well as the natives of the land do.

I like the music here, and the mix of folklore and techno....such songs require hitting the high notes (almost shouting) He is good with that and such style fits well in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. It's a perfect dance song (Debka) so much energy and so much overflowing patriotism. Again the music wraps the song well and Assaf feels the fire.

الأغنية الوطنية للفنان #محمد_عساف - دمي فلسطيني | Mohammed Assaf - Dammi Falastini

Monday, February 16, 2015

When Words Fail You... "Mafeesh Kalam" By Ahmed Shawkat & Yasmin

Ahmed Shawkat is a new voice in my book, and this is an everyday activity for me. Here's a song/duet by the new comer from Egypt. It's all about red roses, the artists do not even show their faces, only their lips and the roses. It's a song I would appreciate had I been in junior high. To be honest, the artists have decent songs and their voices sync well.

It's a soft song and I would play this song more than once. This was released in time for the Valentine day. The song will also be included in his upcoming album of ten tracks. Yasmin is featured here, and I am looking for ward to hearing more tracks.  

Mafeesh Kalam clip Ahmed Shawkat & Yasmin كليب مفيش كلام احمد شوكت & ياسمين

Ragheb Alama Saves A Woman From Domestic Violence!

Ragheb Alama sings for his country's army, works to develop green technology, speaks on behalf of the environment. Ragheb is an ambassador for a number of organizations. So he is no strangers to good causes. This time he chose to highlight the dangers of domestic violence. I applaud him for doing that. Not enough mainstream artists touch on this subject.

Alama released a hot album in the late summer of last year, a music video in the fall and now a second came out this week. And he ditched the party to film a sober music video in the city of lights, Paris/ His server gets roughed up by the jerk. Then Alama fixes her up and then becomes either friendly or intimate. I like how the live footage are used along with the back story. Alama is a seasoned entertainer. He is one of the few rock stars the Arab world has.    

One problem with this music video, women do not need to be rescued by yet another man. They are not weak and they are not always looking for a rebound. Aside from that, Ragheb gets on the motor bike again, like he has done few years ago.

Ragheb Alama - Habib Dehkaty / راغب علامة - حبيب ضحكاتي

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Is Palestinian Rap Dead? No One Told McGaza

Mc Gaza is living and working in Gaza, but the hard-working young rapper does not see to understand that the rap genre has been pronounced dead so many times. Yes, every year, a young artist comes along and pumps new life into the dead body and the the industry takes notice. Overall, rap is not something I have always liked, a good song is a good song.

This hip-hop artist makes angry rap, and the thing I love about him is his speed at spitting out words to channel whatever though is crossing his mind. He sees himself as the angel of death...and he delivered a powerful message with a clever beat.

Mc gaza - 3'azawy rap راب غزاوي

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Download: Massar Egbari 2015 Album البوم فريق مسار اجبارى - تقع وتقوم 2015

Link Here

Buy it here

The city of Alexandria gave Egypt many great things. One music band hailed from that town and came rule them all. Massar Egbari. They make music that takes the middle path approach as it's neither western, nor is it oriental. It's both and that's the thinking. They band is back with a new album which they released in a public park near the Tahrir Square where many of Egypt's indie bands were born.

Massar Egbari has a big international appeal which took them to a dozen of countries. For starter at the Malta Arts Festival, Barisa Rock Festival in Istanbul, the International Biennale of young artist from Europe and the Mediterranean (Puglia 2008) in Bari – Italy. International Biennale of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Skopje, FYROM, The Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival in Ancona (Italy) Zanzibar (Tanzania) at the Sauti Za Busara Music Festival. The Festival is considered one of the most important music festivals in East Africa. Macedonia, Lokum Festival in Bitola. And as of 2010, they appeared at the Dubai International Film Festival and in 2011 at the Quarein Festival in Kuwait.

The band made a name for themselves by singing for the big and small picture. They talk about life and all things that are light on politics. They tell stories and seem to have little agenda. This is why they remain in a safe place with the authorities in Egypt. The message of the newly released album is if you fall, get up. And this mantra is needed in today's Egypt. The album's cover art makes that clear.

Members: Massar Egbari was founded in 2005 by 4 musicians: Ayman Massoud (Keyboards), Hani El Dakkak (Guitar & Lead Vocal), Ahmed Hafez (Bass guitar, Tamer Attallah (Drums). Mahmoud Siam (Guitars) joined the Band in 2008 .

The new album has 11 tracks each tells a different struggle. This album is telling on the state of Egypt, as they have been to hell and back few times since 2011. The band gets it and captures those feeling through their music.

01 - Atshan
02 - Lesa El Donia
03 - Albak Da Enwany
04 - Ennak Teteer
05 - Ya Am
06 - Zayek Ana
07 - Awaat
08 - Batooly
09 - To2a3 W T2om
10 - Sabahek
11 - Kanet Hatfre2

Massar Egbari Zayek Ana \ مسار إجبارى زيك أنا

Link Here

Buy it here

Songs To Avoid This Valentine Day; They Will Kill Your Buzz

Please avoid any of these six songs this Valentine day. Each of these songs below talk about a subject you would bring up when you break up. Lots of heartache, pain, tough words, and subtle insults.

Each of these songs is a hit, pop's finest in most cases, they are just not what you want this holiday to be about. It might be that you hate this day, so maybe there songs are right for you. In any case, a good song is a good song.

Amr Diab has a song where he tells his loved one, "What do you care?"

Elissa where she is shocked from her talkative and back-stabbing date.

Nancy Ajram about the things that cannot be explained, but flet. Things if we mention them, they lose their sincerity.

Mohammad Mounir where he gives a rocking bittersweet song about distance and patience. This is a personal favorite of mine.

Sherine, schools her guy and telling him he has been a gentleman sarcastically. He wronged her and let her down. Here she has her revenge.

Assala sings a direct song, upon your request, I am leaving you and exiting your life. It's a proud song in a low moment. Asalah owns it.

The Moroccan And Proud Song By Houda Saad

Morocco has world class musicians. Some of the most magical places are in Morocco, the landscape, the history, tradition colors and markets are just something to enjoy. Houda Saad is one of those young music talents who are making their very local music and dialect popular among Arabs and non alike. She records so many songs with such force when she feels the pride

While she lives away from the motherland, she feels close as wherever she goes in Europe she runs into her people. Who can ignore those fancy Moroccan eateries that not only offer food but a complete immersion program. See Houda count the virtues of her country, their people and the culture. No wonder so many Arabs like to go visit and no doubt tourists from all over the world go crazy for this land.

 Houda Saad : Maghribia w Aftakher "جديد هدى سعد 2014 "مغربية وأفتخر

Friday, February 13, 2015

Amr Diab Works For Western Union Now....Hide Your Kids!

Amr Diab is just like all of us, he likes money. He has an apatite for business deals, so he made a new random one. The king of pop and popular Egyptian hit-maker teamed up with Western Union and Alex Bank on a billboard campaign that's goes all over the streets of Egypt.

Now, why would Amr Diab use Western Union? does he ever run out of cash? does he have to send his mother a monthly allowance from his country of residence? Why is he giving us the thumps up? Does he really know how this service works?

Nevertheless, Amr Diab is also now the brand ambassador for Western Union--I now want to use MoneyGram. Plus his latest song talks about being away and not away, which means you are working away from home and can still be close to the loved ones by sending them money with this company.

According to Amr Diab, "I am very excited to represent the Western Union brand. As a respected and innovative global company, their ability to connect people around the world with their loved ones through their services was really great to see. I was impressed by their passion for their customers and the business and I felt very comfortable with the brand considering our shared values in terms of pursuing excellence and a deep commitment to finding innovative ways to connect people around the world."

I doubt I will get any answers, but enjoy this campaign while it lasts. For more on this bizarre collaboration click here Amr Diab is now a business, man not just a businessman.

Amr Diab ... Mesh Kol Wahed - Mobinil Exclusive | عمرو دياب ... مش كل واحد - حصريا موبينيل

Angham Best/Finest Love Song This Valentine Day

When you get a name like Angham, you know the song will get played and liked. But when you throw in backing talents like Zizi El Shafi (music) and Amir Teima (lyrics), you know the song will get loved. Angham, promised a new song released for Valentine day and she delivered a masterpiece. Angham does so many good songs, this time you know the song starts right when you hear the sax.

I happen to like all the three names of talents attached to the song. They are masters at their craft and they make so many hits...this is an amazing collaboration and those who like music are the ones who benefit her. When you work with Angham, you better have something fresh to add to her long resume and her expertise. She found a sweet song that has all the right elements in the right dosage, pace and distribution.

these guys had to be big fans of her music and her style to be able to give her something that fits her and break the mold at the same time. Angham wins big here and I love the new single. I think it's safe to say this valentine day, it would be extra special thanks to Angham's new song where it talks about feeling support. The song will be included in her upcoming album. Tarek Madkhour did a fantastic job producing this hit.

This is a top-rated song where everyone who has touched it is an authority on their respective field. You do not cut any corners to create a complex emotional journey that only Angham can deliver with such charm. I am glad to see Egyptian talents are back with such force, they have been missing for some time.
Angham - Sanda Aleik / انغام - سانده عليك

Angham - Sanda Aleik / أنغام - سانده عليك

The Confused Love Duet Mohamed Mohey & Asma @fahadalshalabi

Mohamed Mohey made a new friend in composer musician Fahad who makes cool tunes and sick beats. Fahad brought together a due of Mohamed Mohey & Asma for a Valentine day romance duty. I usually like those, but this one I could not connect with. It feels as interesting as a root canal. That means I am not feeling it at all.

It feels like a log of stale cheese. I wanted to like this song because Mohey is an idol of mine and I always welcome new talents like Asma. I think the two can do better, this track is awful. I might be alone here. I do like the music or most of it, it shows verity of melodies and instruments that promise some freshness. It might be the lyrics, or it might be that both artists feel like they are limiting themselves. It feels like a guy trying to run while his feet are tights.

A throwaway song? Maybe!   
Mohamed Mohey & Asma - Enta Al Waheed / محمد محي و اسما - انت الوحيد

Watch: Saudi Vocalist Ibrahim El Hakami In "Mazajo"

He won a singing completion almost ten years ago, the Saudi vocalist Ibrahim El Hakami was a surprise win, he has a good voice, but not many of his songs are memorable. I do not meant to pile on him, but Ibrahim has done great things in the Gulf. He is a fixture of their concerts and private events where the money is. His name often appears in mega concerts in Doha, Kuwait and the UAE.

But for the casual Arab who likes music, Ibrahim is a relative unknown despite his many attempts to branch out and do songs for TV dramas. I am aware of his concert here in Virginia that did not do well in terms of sales--there are thousands of Saudis who live in the area. He walked away with the title of Super Star 3 when Syrian Shahad Barmda should've been the winner.

But to be fair, Ibrahim knows his idols. Ibrahim names Faiza Ahmad and Thekra as his main musical inspirations. He also plays some musician instruments and his first album came in 2006, the follow up with another was in 2011 and the last album came last year.

Enjoy his music video if you like something tradition.
Ibrahim El Hakami ... Mazajo - Video Clip | إبراهيم الحكمي ... مزاجه - فيديو كليب

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Original Soccer Massacre Song "My Name Is Anas" Makes Me Cry Every Time

 His name is Anas and he happened to like soccer, and went to so many games! He did attend the wrong game that lead to his fate. In Egypt, the famous game where dozens of sport fans got massacred in the city of Port Said. Who killed whom? ask the judges of Egypt and the security forces. But Anas won't answer he is gone.

How could they dare to kill this young boy with that gorgeous smile? That smile and the sad story of Anas prompted Lebanese pop star Wael Jassar to sing a heartbreaking song for him. It's an emotional song in the voice of the young voice. Anas is my name and I doubt he will ever be forgotten. The song comes from the heart and a place of hurt, a moving performance by Wael who knew the tragedy of this boy and his family. Listen to the song and let it in, the closer you listen the wetter your eyes will become

Anas is the poster child of the chaos and mayhem that has resided in Egypt since 2011. He is 15 years old, but has done more for Egypt than most grownups can. My his soul founds peace and his parents find peace in their hearts.

Esmi Anas - Wael Jassar / أسمي أنس - وائل جسار

اسمى أنس - وائل جسار (صور نادره لأنس الله يرحمه)

The Marvelous Desert Romance Song By Jaber Al Kaser @jaberalkaser1

The son of the Gulf Jaber Al Kaser hearts the desert, horses, and dates. He is making an old way of life cool as you see his all-Bedouin, all the time song. The, the same places where they greet one another with noses.  He is a knight here and he catches a glimpse of the lady that stole his heart and then he stars singing. This Saudi artist who has released at least albums where he collaborated with the brightest poets and musicians under the sun. He started as local Sha'abi artist and then his fame grew so fast.

He is singing to his horse and next up, you see a lot of old men greeting one another and dancers come out and the party starts. I like this song because it's feels original and not forced. This is something missing in today's Gulf music. That noisy beat they make, just send me running in the opposite direction.   

Here Jaber combines the gentle romance with the beautiful Tarab music. I think this is how going back to the roots looks. The artist seeks refuge in God as he is helpless against this romance.
Jaber Al Kaser ... Allah Lena - Video Clip | جابر الكاسر ... الله لنا - فيديو كليب

The Depressing Love Song This Valentine By Ramy Sabry

The dude Ramy Sabry is releasing a new valentine day song for all you lovers out there. The young Egyptian musician who has the full-baking of Mazzika music label and its owner Mohsen Jaber can record a new song a week. But the family man who I have dubbed the next Amr Diab only sings when he feels like it. He is a musician who composes songs for other talented as well.
So here,s his latest romantic song where he is love sick and he goes to all the places to run into his loved one--but he is still smitten by this love. And he cannot go about his daily routines. It's a bit of a depressing song, but this is is love it has its ups and downs.
Fe Kol Makan - Ramy Sabry فى كل مكان - رامى صبرى

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One of the coolest dance songs For Arab wedding

One of the coolest dance songs I heard at an Arab wedding. It's been ages since I first heard it and it's pretty heard to find on the internet, but I found it so here you go. The daughter of the Sultan is this song's title. And we know it because rock star Rageb Alama sang it back in 80s. Ever since then and this song is played in every Arabic wedding.

The masses love this song, it's a bout a guy who falls in love with a lady our of his league. It's complimentary song of women and most like to move to its beat. The song has many versions and many artists have done covers for it. So enjoy it at your next dance party. This song is the go to song for every Arab DJ. We know the song like the back of our hands.

Bint Al-Sultan بنت السلطان

راغب علامة يا بنت السلطان

Fares Stages A Comeback! His First Song Since 2008 "Set Elbnat"

Fares was a hit makers ten years ago. But he has not released any new songs in about seven years. Not sure what made him return at this moment, but he is back with a new single timed for Valentine day. What did Fares do in those seven years is unclear.

He is back with a light pop track about the finest of all women, the queen among them...he is so in love with her and comes this track from the once lovable handsome vocalist. I liked some of his songs, now I feel I have to give him a chance for this track. He is cool, it's a decent song, nothing that we have not heard before, but this time from Fares mouth.

Welcome back Fares, this is a good one. AK Records and its owner singed up Fares and he is the first song they release for an artist. Fares' last album came in 2008.

فارس - ست البنات / Fares - Set Elbnat

كلمات / أحمد سامي
الحان / محمد النادي
توزيع / طارق توكل
مكساج وماستر / خالد رؤوف
جيتار / شريف سعيد
ناي / أحمد خيري
بزق / أسامه
تم التسجيل والمكساج بأستديو صوت الحب
انتاج / Ak records ( أكرم حسن )
ديجيتال رايتس / بولاريس ( وليد صالح )

Top 10 Arabic Songs Best Arabic Songs In 2013

Better late than never....

It's tough to decide on a list for best songs....I would not thin a ten list would be right, 20 would be few songs were missing....Carol Samahe rocked it this year. Tamer Hosny has a sweet album, Donia Samer Ghanem had the greatest songs. Also Latifa rocked her way back into the top charts.

  1. A song by Nancy--emotional, good choice
  2. Elissa had one of the list, also dark emotional, sure thing 
  3. Nassif Zeytoun, the Syrian charmer had a dark emotional upbeat track, I love this song
  4. Amr Diab brings back the funk with el Liela. Sounds good
  5. Tamer Hosny with Snoop Dogg made the list, mixed bag
  6. Myriam Faris had some song--I actually had no idea about this song. It should not be on the list
  7. Haifa had a song, but it was actually released in 2012--it should not be on the 2013 list
  8. Samira Said made the list with her comeback song--it's catchy.
  9. Wael Jassar was a dark romantic song about withdrawing and surrendering
  10. Tunisian Saber El Robaei made the list with a Gulf dialect track. It should not be on the list  

ListenArabic - Top 10 Arabic Songs 2013 أفضل أغاني عربية
Best Arabic songs 2013 أفضل تشكيلة جديدة من الموسيقى العربية من

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Arab Florist Song By Jad Khalife (The New Fadel Shaker)

I heard his voice last Fall and I was an instant fan of this young and charming vocalist from Lebanon. Anyone who hears his voice is helpless in comparing his voice with that of Fadel Shaker. They have so much in common when it comes to voice and style and that should make both artists happy.

His new song is about/for the florist, the lyrics are for Nizar Francis, one of Lebanon's busiest (and most established) lyricists. Jad Khalife has a sweet tangy voice that has a hint of sorrow that invites him to one's heart. He is begging with the florist to tell him about that pretty lady whom he has fallen for. It has bits of that sweet (not creepy) stalker feel. She is a frequent customer of that florist and Jad thought he can learn a bit more about her form her florist.    

I like the song and the performance, the music takes away form the song just a bit. People in love are funny and this song does a wonderful job painting a picture. Jad ends up sending her a dozen of red roses along with a card and a loving message.

Jad Khalife - Ya Baye3 Al Ward / جاد خليفة - يابياع الورد 2015