Sunday, February 1, 2015

8 Egyptian Songs (Earworms) That Are Guaranteed To Get Stuck In Your Head

Some Egyptian site chose these 8 songs to be the ones the author thinks will get stuck in your head. There are dozens of Arabic songs that get stuck in one's head. I name Nancy Ajram and Amr Diab who have given us so many of them. But also Yara and Najwa Karam gave us so many of them. But let's take a look at these eight tracks and see how many of them do our readers know.

Also in the 80s, there were other songs and nighties had so many more (Hamid Shari, Ehab Tawfik, Mostafa Amar...etc.). I think it's all about the repetition of the chorus. And how many times the song plays on radio. So, when you think you can remember the lyrics it makes you feel smart.

All artists on this list are Egyptians (Asalah is Syrian but also Egyptian citizen)

Angham - mafhemteneesh // انغام - مفهمتنيش

عارفة محمد رحيم

مــدحــت الـخـــولـى وواحد من الـحـانـه لـلـكـنـج مــنــيــر بـــرج حــمـــام

Mohamed Mohi " Fe Laila " / " محمد محى" فى ليله

Allakt Nafsak - photo - Hesham Abbas علقت نفسك - صور - هشام عباس

Amr Moustafa - Ayamy / عمرو مصطفى - أيامي


  1. Does the person who picked out these songs understand what "earworm" means? These are nice songs, maybe really nice songs, but the only ones that caught my attention were the ones I already knew, and at least for me, they don't get stuck in my head in the annoying, repetitive way that an earworm does.

    Melhem Zein's "Ghibi ya shams" is an earworm. Go listen to it, and tell me that you don't have "Doum doum teka doum doum" pop back into your head later today. "Shoufi" by Hisham Abbas" is an earworm. Mostafa Amar has a ton of earwormy songs like "Hin ya" and "Habib hayati." "Amarain" by Amro Diab is an earworm. "Oul tani keda" by Nancy Ajram is an earworm. These eight songs? I'm not going to be hearing them all day in my head because I've already forgotten them.

  2. We're still omitting the worst offender. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Whose song is so irritatingly catchy that you can barely stand it? "Ana SpongeBob" by Hamada Helal!

  3. Maybe one of you guys, should do a guest post with your own picks. Thanks