Friday, February 6, 2015

The Sweetest Arabic Music Video! Yara - Ma Baaref @yara_lb

Yara returns and brings a lot of love in her music video. The good lady of Lebanese pop released what can be considered the best pop album in 2014. In 2015, she just released her second music video. This once, we get to see her fall in love and show her softer side.

This is really hr strong suit and what she knows how to do best. Coming across as the warm soul who is in all in when it comes to her love stories. The guest star who fills in the model sport is none than her fellow country man and funny late night TV host Adel Karam. I like the song, and we have been asking for this Yara to show up since 2008. But she took that detour into the Gulf music and when she returned in 2014 it was worth the wait.

She lost nothing be taking her time with this album, she gained many adoring fans and many more form her breakout days in 2005. Nassir Fakih directed this song, and I am now reading they are a couple. The thing that everyone loves about her is that her stardom is based on her talent, not her clothes, controversies, outfits or body. Not many in today's world can succeed this way. But Yara is something else.

I compliment her for making a low-budget music video that serves the song and does not rob it form being the sincere hit it has become. Good work is good work and people are already lining up to congratulate Yara and her team. Another cool factor is that Adel Karam is a funny guy who can be found saying crazy things on TV about the likes of Haifa, but here it's like he is a whole new person that one feel comfortable inviting to one's home.  

Yara - Ma Baaref - Official Video Clip / يارا - ما بعرف


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