Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Sheer Yoga Pants Music Video! Jana - Bint Gdida / جنى - بنت جديدة @JanaOnlineWorld

When you are Lebanese and when your resume includes winning a spot on Studio El Fan, we must listen. Jana claimed the silver medal on the popular talent scouting show. But then all this vanished when I saw her music video, she is going for the sexy version of herself. sheer Yoga pants? Gym? Spa? Pool? club?....all the cliches in one music video....She does it all and the guy she is falling for him looks like a sissy (judging by the weight he lifts)

I do not know what goes into her head of the director, but perhaps he wasn't thinking with his head after all. It feels like a teen music video made to make all the boys in high school happy. That's fine, but Jad Shewry is doing his thing once more. I think this music video may be seen as an assault on feminism and all the nice work women in Lebanon have done to advance.

This is a club mix, which means the artists voice does not really matter because it's a sideshow in this noise-filled work of art. I think she should be free to make whatever music videos she wants to, but one question sticks out, does she really want to make this music video, or does she want to make a name for himself by going overboard. Maybe I had enough of young girls singing to make the man happy.

Jana - Bint Gdida (Official Clip) / جنى - بنت جديدة


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