Thursday, February 19, 2015

Latifa AlTunisia Shames Arab Leaders And Calls For Unity @LatifaOfficial New Song

Arab nationalist is about as popular as Ebola right now. No one seems to want it anymore. Just look at Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine and you will know right away that everyone is trying to fend for themselves. But old Arab nationalists die hard, and I consider Latifa one of the original artists who subscribe to this idea.

The dazzling Tunisian diva released a new song about Arab unity in time for Egypt bombing Libya and the Jordanian and the UAE ganging up on Syria. The song says something about Arab land and unity. It might be a call to put the Arab regimes to shame. It's a song that does not believe in artificial borders.

I like the song, but I wish that it would tell people to calm down and not rush to pile on their fellow Arabs. Maybe we all need a bit of forgiveness in the area. Sure, there are conspiracies in the dark, but we should not fall for them. Not everything bad happens is to blame America or Iran. Be grownups and for once, ditch the sectarian mindset.

Well done Latifa, your time comes at a dark moment in the Arab history and I know the right people will appreciate it as they channel surf, they cannot escape the carnage.    

Song name: Labyaka ya Alam Al Orooba
Lyrics by: Mohammed Salman
Composed by: Mohammed Salman
Arranged by:
Produced by: Latisol 2009
Latifa [Audio] - Lbayka ya Alam Al Orooba | لطيفة - لبيك يا علم العروبة


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