Monday, February 2, 2015

"If I Had A Plane" Song By Mohamed Al Fares @MohammedFares84

The artist had me right away with this bizarre and fresh title. This an Iraqi song and he manages to keep up the Iraqi pop music tradition by falling for a blonde. Girl buys a small car, then the car breaks apart in the middle of nowhere. A handsome jogger stops by and attempts to fix her car. Instead a bike comes from thin air and they take a stroll in the rain!

This is the latest song by the Voice star Mohamed Al Fares who shot this music video in the Southern part of Lebanon with director Adel Sarhan. Mr. Fares does headline concerts in places like Jordan for the thousands of Iraqis who reside over there.

I do not find this song catchy, I like how the singer sports some the white headphones and the noise comes and never leaves your speaker. This song is like a good salad, they tossed so many things together that came back with an unrecognizable product. I am sure Iraqi music legends are rolling in their graves when they see the current state of Iraqi music (and politics)

Mohamed Al Fares can go back to his guy friends and brag about how much fun he had filming this music video. For most, this song will change little. Sure the dance beat is not terrible, but it's dated.

Mohamed Al Fares - Law Andy Tayara | محمد الفارس - لو عندي طيارة


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