Thursday, February 19, 2015

Platinum Records Presents Habib Ali 2015 - Soon (Video)

Platinum Records is trying to make a profit in the Arabic music industry. From their lavish Dubai offices, they have been busy signing artists left and right using a profit sharing model. While they have about seven young names on their label, they always can use more. While Ramy Ayach is hip and Assaf is hot, they need to do more to attract other mainstream artists.

The challenge is on figuring out a way to make a profit. While Platinum is happy to be in charge of distributing music and keeping their costs low--they may have to do a bit more than what we see. It's hard our there for a music executive. Rotana is making most of the money (they control so many outlets) But Platinum has done far better in the digital model and since they are small and nimble, they can get things done quicker.

Here's Habib Ali with a new album, the guy in charge of the label is Iraqi, so he attracts other Iraqis to the label. Let's hope they figure out a way to sell records in Europe, Canada, US and Australia where millions of Iraqis live.
حبيب علي 2015 - قريباً | Habib Ali 2015 - Soon


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