Monday, February 23, 2015

Five Minutes With The Late Lebanes Legend Wadie Safy

So one of the iconic voices of Lebanese and Arabic song passed away last year, but no one of us is ready to give up on this legend who deserves much better from his country that could not organize an official state funereal for him. The man of charm and mountain voice will always be around for generations to come. His voice has shaped and defined Lebanese music culture.

He did not stop singing, even in his last days he kept his smile, and stayed sharp--he wrote music and sang along other younger voices who adore the sight of him. Here's one of his classic songs, where he is pleading with his loved one to come back. He is praying for his first, last and every love he has ever known.

وديع الصافي - على الله تعود (نسخة صافية)

على الله تعود على الله 
يا ضايع في ديار الله 
من بعدك أنت يا غالي 
ما لي أحباب غير الله 
يلي مرمرت زماني 
كانك بطلت تهواني 
يا أبو الأحباب لاقيني 
من بعد غياب هنيني 
حاجي من دموعي تسقيني 
نشفت دموعي اي والله 

على الله تعود بهجتنا والفراح 
وتغمر دارنا البسمة والفراح 
قضينا العمر ولف ضل وولف راح 
وضاع العمر هجران وغياب 

لو جاني يوم مرسالك 
و طمني يوم عن حالك 
لطرب الفؤاد كرمالك 
واسجد على أبواب الله


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