Saturday, February 21, 2015

Leave Sabine and Marco Da Silva Alone!

Dancing With the Stars is a hit show in Lebanon, to my surprise of course. But the show was able to recruit droves of celebrities to their dance floor. Sabine on the other hand is a pop star who likes to incorporate creative dance moves into her shows. But she wants to be the best in dancing, so she has chose to work with the best..... Marco Da Silva is a natural born dancer whose moves, body, expression and tattoos make him one of the most recognizable dancers nowadays.

Watch him give her some tips on curating the best dance scene. He seems to be talking about ethics, and professionalism. Marco Da Silva  is tough to work with, but Sabine really wants to give him a 100 percent. Choreographers are key to making any dance look special, but the good ones are not cheap, and they seem to have a huge ego and an eye for beauty.

.. Sabine and Marco Da Silva Announcement -اعلان سابين وماركو دا سيلفا للتدرب على الرقص.


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