Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Arab Florist Song By Jad Khalife (The New Fadel Shaker)

I heard his voice last Fall and I was an instant fan of this young and charming vocalist from Lebanon. Anyone who hears his voice is helpless in comparing his voice with that of Fadel Shaker. They have so much in common when it comes to voice and style and that should make both artists happy.

His new song is about/for the florist, the lyrics are for Nizar Francis, one of Lebanon's busiest (and most established) lyricists. Jad Khalife has a sweet tangy voice that has a hint of sorrow that invites him to one's heart. He is begging with the florist to tell him about that pretty lady whom he has fallen for. It has bits of that sweet (not creepy) stalker feel. She is a frequent customer of that florist and Jad thought he can learn a bit more about her form her florist.    

I like the song and the performance, the music takes away form the song just a bit. People in love are funny and this song does a wonderful job painting a picture. Jad ends up sending her a dozen of red roses along with a card and a loving message.

Jad Khalife - Ya Baye3 Al Ward / جاد خليفة - يابياع الورد 2015


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