Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fares Stages A Comeback! His First Song Since 2008 "Set Elbnat"

Fares was a hit makers ten years ago. But he has not released any new songs in about seven years. Not sure what made him return at this moment, but he is back with a new single timed for Valentine day. What did Fares do in those seven years is unclear.

He is back with a light pop track about the finest of all women, the queen among them...he is so in love with her and comes this track from the once lovable handsome vocalist. I liked some of his songs, now I feel I have to give him a chance for this track. He is cool, it's a decent song, nothing that we have not heard before, but this time from Fares mouth.

Welcome back Fares, this is a good one. AK Records and its owner singed up Fares and he is the first song they release for an artist. Fares' last album came in 2008.

فارس - ست البنات / Fares - Set Elbnat

كلمات / أحمد سامي
الحان / محمد النادي
توزيع / طارق توكل
مكساج وماستر / خالد رؤوف
جيتار / شريف سعيد
ناي / أحمد خيري
بزق / أسامه
تم التسجيل والمكساج بأستديو صوت الحب
انتاج / Ak records ( أكرم حسن )
ديجيتال رايتس / بولاريس ( وليد صالح )


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