Friday, February 6, 2015

This Celebrity Gets Punched In The Face And Falls (Video)

Lebanese actress and songstress Cyrine Abdel Nour packs so much talents that her fame is hard to contain. Right now she is doing the media blitz for her latest Egyptian comedy romance which is in theaters starting February 12th.

But a video for her with her martial art trainer did not go so well. As the trainer manages to elbow Cyrine in the face and cause her a world of hurt. I bet he feels bad for his mistake. I salute Cyrine for trying to train and be tough as nails. I also feel bad for her, and you will notice, an associate of hers rushes to the ring to check up on her.

This is not a good day for anyone seen in this video.  

بالفيديو.. لكمة قوية على وجه سيرين عبدالنور تسقطها

إعلان فيلم سوء تفاهم


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