Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Get Lost! Shatha Hassoun - Lost Woman New Single

Here's a little known song that was recorded to be the theme song for a TV drama. These songs tend to be about wisdom, being wronged and a broad commentary on life and people. Every artists likes those kind of songs because they come with a paycheck and they get them a lot of exposure. They help get the name out there.

This song has a cheesy title "Lost Woman" but it's far from being a cheesy woman. The show is on prime time right now. The song itself is a poem written by Sheikh Da'eej Khalifah. Enjoy Shatha's voice and bit of acting. The song's rich lyrics allow Shatha to transcend and connect with deeper and more complex emotions.  

امرأة مفقودة - شذى حسون | Shatha Hassoun - Lost Woman


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