Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Original Soccer Massacre Song "My Name Is Anas" Makes Me Cry Every Time

 His name is Anas and he happened to like soccer, and went to so many games! He did attend the wrong game that lead to his fate. In Egypt, the famous game where dozens of sport fans got massacred in the city of Port Said. Who killed whom? ask the judges of Egypt and the security forces. But Anas won't answer he is gone.

How could they dare to kill this young boy with that gorgeous smile? That smile and the sad story of Anas prompted Lebanese pop star Wael Jassar to sing a heartbreaking song for him. It's an emotional song in the voice of the young voice. Anas is my name and I doubt he will ever be forgotten. The song comes from the heart and a place of hurt, a moving performance by Wael who knew the tragedy of this boy and his family. Listen to the song and let it in, the closer you listen the wetter your eyes will become

Anas is the poster child of the chaos and mayhem that has resided in Egypt since 2011. He is 15 years old, but has done more for Egypt than most grownups can. My his soul founds peace and his parents find peace in their hearts.

Esmi Anas - Wael Jassar / أسمي أنس - وائل جسار

اسمى أنس - وائل جسار (صور نادره لأنس الله يرحمه)


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