Friday, February 27, 2015

Jennifer Grout Wants To Master Eastern Takht Music

Oud, Violin, Qanunu, Nay, Rababah, Santtor, and Daf and you got yourself an Eastern Takht Music. This from of singing that has become known during the Turkish "Ottoman" era in the 1850s and the musicians sat on the level of a bed and performed.  This has become a very tough art form to master specially for singers who wants to establish their cred.

Jennifer had another challenge, the language challenge, she worked with her friend and Arabic tutor to master the words that she will be later singing. Some of her fans got to see her in the States, here in Washington DC where she performed in January some old Arabic songs.

The American lady who almost won the title of Arabs Got Talent has a dream which is to master this singing form. She has came close to doing this Tarab songs in about two minutes. Now she has to do the same thing for at least 30 minutes. You build up the song, and then climax, and you retrieve.

جينيفر جراوت: أحلم بالغناء على موسيقى "التخت" الشرقي

Arabs Got Talent - النهائيات - جينيفر جراوت


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