Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Moroccan And Proud Song By Houda Saad

Morocco has world class musicians. Some of the most magical places are in Morocco, the landscape, the history, tradition colors and markets are just something to enjoy. Houda Saad is one of those young music talents who are making their very local music and dialect popular among Arabs and non alike. She records so many songs with such force when she feels the pride

While she lives away from the motherland, she feels close as wherever she goes in Europe she runs into her people. Who can ignore those fancy Moroccan eateries that not only offer food but a complete immersion program. See Houda count the virtues of her country, their people and the culture. No wonder so many Arabs like to go visit and no doubt tourists from all over the world go crazy for this land.

 Houda Saad : Maghribia w Aftakher "جديد هدى سعد 2014 "مغربية وأفتخر


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