Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hatem Al Iraqi Brings The Joy of Romance Into The Lives Of Iraqis

Hatem Al Iraqi is a father of five and sibling to six. He is the oldest among his siblings and grew up in a house where his father worked as a driver and he worked as a gas station attendant. His voice is nothing without that flaming sadness in it.

He started singing in the 90s to escape the woes that he lived as a middle class Iraqi. He would record songs in his town's studio and sell cassettes locally. He started as a Sha'abi folksy singer but soon enough he would appear on various Iraqi channels.

He lived in Iraq during the most dire years under that international blockade. His southern throat is a gift from  the big guy. He event kept on singing after the American invasion of 2003. Most of his songs are about love and romance during war. He has sang many songs for his beloved Iraq and those songs have traveled to places wherever Iraqis and other Arabs made a home.

but he also tries to wear a different hat and sell the hip/nerd image like he is doing in his latest music video. I do not know why so many Iraqi artists have a low self-esteem. It's like they travel the world and only learn the outer lessons like visible goods. To be fair, he still sounds awesome and a real delight to breath in. Why does he drive a girly pink beetle car?

Hatem has more than fifteen albums to his name and he keeps making good music that brings Iraqis together. As for his most famous song, here it is

Hatem Al Iraqi ... Ayesh Weyah - Video Clip | حاتم العراقي ... أعيش وياه - فيديو كليب


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