Monday, February 9, 2015

Watch Nassif Zeytoun Latest Music Video "Nami Aa Sadri" @emusicismylife

Artist Management & Digital Artist Management company Music is My Life is based in Beirut Lebanon and they have half a dozen artists whose profile they help mange. Among their talents is beloved Syrian vocalist Nassif Zeytoun. One of the most charming young artists with a mile high talent. A classy guy all around whose voice unites a divided places like Syria.

Through their Watary Production on YouTube, they are releasing his latest single, and I am just excited to play it for the first time. It's been about four years since we first met Nassif Zeytoun from the set of Star Academy, now in those four years he is one of the biggest names in Arabic pop. He was able to pull this through his versatile profile and wide range of topic he whose to sing about.

Also he kept away from politics, he is not singing for a Saudi king, Gulfie Businessman or a Syrian warlord. Instead he covers romantic topic with passion, He is a savvy artist who has roamed the world entertained thousands of his fans. His new song is about romance and being that romantic soul who comes across. Note the t-shirts they wore with adoring message to one another. He seems to be in love and the model is a big help in that.

the title does not pull any punches, it goes into the topic, fall asleep on my chest is an invitation to cuddle and to be on the personal space of someone you really love.
Nassif Zeytoun - Nami Aa Sadri (Official Music Video) / ناصيف زيتون - نامي ع صدري


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