Thursday, February 26, 2015

Egyptians Hate Foreigners ....Don't Go There Now @misrorayba

The government in Egypt is planning a big blitz to market their country as a destination for world's tourists. Just like every other touristy country they are after their money. No shame in that, but Egypt is like no other country in the sense that they are going through a phase of hyper-nationalism. Which means any foreigner taking picture can be arrested, humiliated and held for questions.


In the army run nation, everyone is a suspect and since they have marketed a big conspiracy theory being waged against the country. So many tourists have been questioned by random security personnel, they government even urged its people to be vigilant and take matters into their hand when it comes to their nation's security. I like visiting Egypt, but not this one. The current one is a police state and I would hate to go into a country and benefit the economy that abuses people and denies them their freedom of speech.

So since not many people consider going to Egypt, their buddies in the repressive regimes in the Gulf send their people to enjoy and to party in this country who has seen better days. Which explains the many faces dressed in traditional dresses popular in the Gulf. So their latest attempt to marker the country and the regime with it is a new campaign called Misr Orayba, which translates into Egypt is near. It's near something, not good though. It would have been an honest take to market it as Egypt is cheap, since the economy is in the toilet--things are so cheap right now including the life of Egyptian. s

What I do not get is that only last year some vocal talking heads and leaders were talking about sealing their borders and denying entry to all foreigners (they are trouble) Now the regime wants the same foreigners to bail them out with their dollars. There are lots of good people in Egypt and many poor people benefiting from tourism.

There are many actors and singers who have donated their time for this ad, lots of celebrities. Had I liked the regime, I would have liked this new track. There are other non-Egyptian singers and talents that appear in this work. I am reminded of a marketing campaign that was done in California by celebrities who wanted to be cool. I like what Yemeni Belkis had to say, she looks and sounds good. Nawal from Kuwait chimes in. This is a big production, though the regime in Egypt still stinks. One of the lines in the song is about removing borders.... which is odd, since this regime has locked sad for the people in Gaza and now Libya and Syrian remain on the blacklist.  

أوبريت مصر قريبة .... Misr Orayba - Official Video Clip