Monday, February 16, 2015

Ragheb Alama Saves A Woman From Domestic Violence!

Ragheb Alama sings for his country's army, works to develop green technology, speaks on behalf of the environment. Ragheb is an ambassador for a number of organizations. So he is no strangers to good causes. This time he chose to highlight the dangers of domestic violence. I applaud him for doing that. Not enough mainstream artists touch on this subject.

Alama released a hot album in the late summer of last year, a music video in the fall and now a second came out this week. And he ditched the party to film a sober music video in the city of lights, Paris/ His server gets roughed up by the jerk. Then Alama fixes her up and then becomes either friendly or intimate. I like how the live footage are used along with the back story. Alama is a seasoned entertainer. He is one of the few rock stars the Arab world has.    

One problem with this music video, women do not need to be rescued by yet another man. They are not weak and they are not always looking for a rebound. Aside from that, Ragheb gets on the motor bike again, like he has done few years ago.

Ragheb Alama - Habib Dehkaty / راغب علامة - حبيب ضحكاتي


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