Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wadih Mrad, No Albums Yet, But Lots of Love

There are artists who do not care to release new albums, in fact Syrian Wadih Mrad has never been an album guy, he is more than happy releasing singles and doing low-profile concerts with his biggest of fans. For example, this Valentine day he released a romantic song in his very own tradition, but he is also touring Australia. However in the month of March he is booked for a Euro tour that will take him to an impressive nine countries where his fans will enjoy his performances.

the song is all about the piano, but then toward the middle it feels like an 80s songs, like those of the late Salwa Qattrib. the song is about letters those in love sent to one another, they represent the cream of the crop, the milk of one's heart spilled on paper.

Rock on Wadih Mrad keep up the good art coming, you have rose to fame 17 years ago, and have only released two albums, yet you are still a huge draw.

.. Wadih Mrad El Mkatib - وديع مراد المكاتيب 2014


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