Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mr. Lebanon Wants You To Stop Drinking And Driving

I know Mr. Lebanon is all about good looks, fashion and modeling. But the latest winner wants to do something new and important. His cause is to get you to stop doing DUI. Yes, he does not want you to drink and drive. I like that he wants to bring awareness to this worthy cause....the youth are idiots.

I do not know what else he would do, but Ayman is trying to increase his profile, he already has a college degree. I think it's safe to say he will appear into music videos. It takes a man to be able to compete in these speedos. I know with the many bars in Lebanon and the party-loving population, things get interesting. Ayman has already filmed a yet to be released music videos with Nancy Ajram.  Watch the interview....

ملك جمال لبنان يتبنى مشروع التوعية المرورية ومخاطر القيادة تحت تأثير الكحول


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