Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Common Muslims Dream Despite ISIS Nightmares

It's insane to still talk about Islam a religion of peace, for the most part it is, but the headlines do not help spread that message. Those tugs who are murdering people left and right and bragging about it in the name of their God are horrific. Such thugs would be killing under any name, but they happen to choose Islam to kill under its banner. There are sociopaths and do the enemies of religion a great service.  Had it not been for their violence, they would have nothing and be nothing. Other Muslims even dismiss them and write them off.

But when they started killing other Muslims, the majority ran for their lives. When they started killing foreigners, the world started bombing them. Some think those terrorists are pawns in some game, part of a conspiracy theory. But others point to some ancient teachings in Islam. I think the answer is somewhere in between. The most violent Muslims who are slaughtering hostages happen to come from Chechnya. Russia is a buddy with both Syrian president and the leader of Chechnya. But there are teachings in Islam that can explain some of this violence--if you are twisted that is.

Aside from that, there are some good Muslims out there who want to play music and use this creative form of expression to help lift people up. Take for example American born Raef who has released an album last summer. It's an inspirational album that challenges people to be better. He also uses bright chapters of Islam to tell those reasonable Muslims not to let few thugs ruin their religion.

Raef - Dream | "The Path" - Album Available Now


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