Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Top 10 Arabic Songs Best Arabic Songs In 2013

Better late than never....

It's tough to decide on a list for best songs....I would not thin a ten list would be right, 20 would be few songs were missing....Carol Samahe rocked it this year. Tamer Hosny has a sweet album, Donia Samer Ghanem had the greatest songs. Also Latifa rocked her way back into the top charts.

  1. A song by Nancy--emotional, good choice
  2. Elissa had one of the list, also dark emotional, sure thing 
  3. Nassif Zeytoun, the Syrian charmer had a dark emotional upbeat track, I love this song
  4. Amr Diab brings back the funk with el Liela. Sounds good
  5. Tamer Hosny with Snoop Dogg made the list, mixed bag
  6. Myriam Faris had some song--I actually had no idea about this song. It should not be on the list
  7. Haifa had a song, but it was actually released in 2012--it should not be on the 2013 list
  8. Samira Said made the list with her comeback song--it's catchy.
  9. Wael Jassar was a dark romantic song about withdrawing and surrendering
  10. Tunisian Saber El Robaei made the list with a Gulf dialect track. It should not be on the list  

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