Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Can You Tell Where Reem Comes From?

Reem is the star of her music video. A song that kicks of in that popular Iraqi/Gulf rumba beat. She is all about the show business and it works well for her style. This is a bet od a sweet dance long beloved by the people in the Gulf. This is a dance show disguised as a song.

I do not loath this song and I think Reem Tamer is up to something here with her latest music video. The outfits are sizzling. I am certain the head covers with these hot shorts/mini skirts will set some people off. I believe the director got couple of shots of her butt of glory.

Dubai is becoming a hub for many artists and they are shooting music videos and recording songs over there in volumes that rivals Egyptian and Lebanese studios. Though quantity does not mean quality by any definition.

I could not find much info on Reem's background. I can tell she works in the UAE, but where she is from is a mystery to me. She must be starting just now. We know that Jad Shwery directed her here and he returns to his roots of making raunchy music videos for female artists. 
Reem Tamer Amor ريم تامر أمر


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