Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amina Goes To Sexy Town With New Music Video

Amina has branched out from singing slum Sha'abi style songs to more variety. She did that duet with the Lebanese Hisham Hajj and I think this one will be part of her legacy. While we came to know her for folksy cheeky songs, now she is a full-blown artist who has a number of romantic hits to her name. Amina also shed a new looks and new lenses.

Haters gonna hate, but why should good looks and fluffy pop should be limited to the Lebanese hotties? So she went there and I think it fits her the new look, but her voice remain as powerful as they come. I am a fan and Her latest music video for "Nefsi Nebaad" she professes her love and God is her witness.

Nefsi Nebaad - Amina نفسى نبعد - أمينة


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