Friday, February 13, 2015

Amr Diab Works For Western Union Now....Hide Your Kids!

Amr Diab is just like all of us, he likes money. He has an apatite for business deals, so he made a new random one. The king of pop and popular Egyptian hit-maker teamed up with Western Union and Alex Bank on a billboard campaign that's goes all over the streets of Egypt.

Now, why would Amr Diab use Western Union? does he ever run out of cash? does he have to send his mother a monthly allowance from his country of residence? Why is he giving us the thumps up? Does he really know how this service works?

Nevertheless, Amr Diab is also now the brand ambassador for Western Union--I now want to use MoneyGram. Plus his latest song talks about being away and not away, which means you are working away from home and can still be close to the loved ones by sending them money with this company.

According to Amr Diab, "I am very excited to represent the Western Union brand. As a respected and innovative global company, their ability to connect people around the world with their loved ones through their services was really great to see. I was impressed by their passion for their customers and the business and I felt very comfortable with the brand considering our shared values in terms of pursuing excellence and a deep commitment to finding innovative ways to connect people around the world."

I doubt I will get any answers, but enjoy this campaign while it lasts. For more on this bizarre collaboration click here Amr Diab is now a business, man not just a businessman.

Amr Diab ... Mesh Kol Wahed - Mobinil Exclusive | عمرو دياب ... مش كل واحد - حصريا موبينيل


  1. I guess it's always a bit tacky when a celebrity becomes a "brand ambassador" for some product but it's not like he's selling condoms here. Money transfers are a service a lot of people use to send money back to their families. In places where corruption can be a substantial problem, and there's a possibility with a less respectable business some of your money could get diverted in ways that could become problematic for you (Are you going to use Ahmed's Off-Brand Wire Transfer Service if there's a chance, unbeknownst to you, that some of their "fees" are going to fund terrorism and you could end up on a watch list?), having a big-name celebrity to say, "Hey, you like me, you've known me for years, and you can trust me when I say this is a good company" is a sensible move.

    Besides, it's not like Amro Diab hasn't done commercials before, and while he might be a millionaire now, maybe when he was starting out he did use Western Union to send money home.