Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All The Make up Photography Specialists In #Lebanon Bouba Make Up

This is a group of people who if you are outside the show biz, would never give them a look. But in Lebanon, there was a conference for all these specialist who bring the best in make up, the photographers who make sure to highlight certain elements in beauty.

Note, that these specialist struggle with speaking Arabic--trying to be from any place but not home. Make up companies likes to pick these talents up for their commercials and ads....but also entertainers working on a music video or a concert want them by their sides. Bouba Make up is their biggest client--they like to be in the wedding business. Bouba was in London before he discovered he had a knack for makeup. So he did not have to travel far, he want back home and found it to be a rewarding endeavor.

Among BOUBA's clients are Latifa, Shames, Shatha Hassoun, Nagham, Diana Haddad, Amar, Nivine Nasser, Viviane Mrad, Dominique Hourany, Sofia Marrikh, Asmara, Layal Abboud, 4 Cats, Maria…

Carine Badr For Bouba Make up Photography Session

Sherif Tarhini For Bouba Make up Photography Session

Bouba For Bouba Make up Photography Session


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