Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Here's The DAM Fake Selfie #Palestine @DAMRAP

This was a clever marketing...on behalf the oldest rap group in Palestine DAM. The celebrated rap band whose music has gone mainstream among activists and fans of international rap published the image above and it caught like fire on the social media. The image was published with a humorous title that rhyme in Arabic "Selfie and the loved ones are behind me"

Sadly many folks those this was a real-time image, but it was not actually. But the internet bought it and in a mater of minutes the Israeli police chasing a Palestinian who snapped a selfie took a life of its own. Only thirty minutes later the artists told folks that the picture was part of an upcoming project they are working on.

I like DAM, but I do not heart what they did here, they tricked people and makes it hard for people to take them seriously again. Also it's embarrassing for those who shared it as a real image. In case, here's the new projects DAM is working on right now. This gives you an idea about how critical rap is. It helped this Palestinian young men overcome the confusion of being citizens of an Israeli state that also wants fewer of them.

DAM, "Born Here", Hebrew/Arabic with English subtitles


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