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Download: Massar Egbari 2015 Album البوم فريق مسار اجبارى - تقع وتقوم 2015

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The city of Alexandria gave Egypt many great things. One music band hailed from that town and came rule them all. Massar Egbari. They make music that takes the middle path approach as it's neither western, nor is it oriental. It's both and that's the thinking. They band is back with a new album which they released in a public park near the Tahrir Square where many of Egypt's indie bands were born.

Massar Egbari has a big international appeal which took them to a dozen of countries. For starter at the Malta Arts Festival, Barisa Rock Festival in Istanbul, the International Biennale of young artist from Europe and the Mediterranean (Puglia 2008) in Bari – Italy. International Biennale of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Skopje, FYROM, The Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival in Ancona (Italy) Zanzibar (Tanzania) at the Sauti Za Busara Music Festival. The Festival is considered one of the most important music festivals in East Africa. Macedonia, Lokum Festival in Bitola. And as of 2010, they appeared at the Dubai International Film Festival and in 2011 at the Quarein Festival in Kuwait.

The band made a name for themselves by singing for the big and small picture. They talk about life and all things that are light on politics. They tell stories and seem to have little agenda. This is why they remain in a safe place with the authorities in Egypt. The message of the newly released album is if you fall, get up. And this mantra is needed in today's Egypt. The album's cover art makes that clear.

Members: Massar Egbari was founded in 2005 by 4 musicians: Ayman Massoud (Keyboards), Hani El Dakkak (Guitar & Lead Vocal), Ahmed Hafez (Bass guitar, Tamer Attallah (Drums). Mahmoud Siam (Guitars) joined the Band in 2008 .

The new album has 11 tracks each tells a different struggle. This album is telling on the state of Egypt, as they have been to hell and back few times since 2011. The band gets it and captures those feeling through their music.

01 - Atshan
02 - Lesa El Donia
03 - Albak Da Enwany
04 - Ennak Teteer
05 - Ya Am
06 - Zayek Ana
07 - Awaat
08 - Batooly
09 - To2a3 W T2om
10 - Sabahek
11 - Kanet Hatfre2

Massar Egbari Zayek Ana \ مسار إجبارى زيك أنا

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