Friday, February 20, 2015

Rosy Turns Up The Heat For "Daket Mehbajek" Thank You @jadshwery

Rosy seems like a cool name for a bright star. This is a new music video from a new songstress, she chose to do throwback to vintage Arabic songs of the desert. She even wear the customs, and the dance moves plus all the props. I like the song, I am just turned off by the music video. It undercuts the song a bit.

While this may be a cross where Bedouin and Gypsy meet. I like her voice though I think she is afraid to change her range of voice. She stick to the comfortable middle. I like her charm here and she is comfortable with what she is doing. Unlike many female artists, sometimes they get pushed by their directors, not Rosy.

It turns out her song is an actual hit in Lebanon and in the Gulf--we have the radio to thank for this viral fame. Rosy has done songs in the past, but this is the song that can be dubbed her comeback. Jad Shwery directed Rosy and she did not disappoint. As you will see form this link, Rosy did offend some people.

Very few artists can do this song and Rosy can feel good about this surprise hit
Rosy Daket Mehbajek روزي دقة مهباجك


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