Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How A Hand Gesture Can End Your Music Career and Blacklist You in Egypt

The president of the Egyptian music guild did not like what he hears about a fellow artist being banned from singing in Egypt. Mostafa Kamel is reported to have said he had nothing to do with the banning of indie musician Hamza Namira. He spoke in clear and strong words that he does not like to see the elimination of fellow artists.

Hamza Namira was banned by the secretary of the guild. This decision was based on two silly allegations. The first Hamza Namira's music is being used by the Muslim Brotherhood. Second, a photo of the artist gesturing with his hand four fingers as a sign he does not approve of the Raba'a Massacre. We do not even know if this picture is genuine.

Hear the secretary say a bunch of silly things, I love how he talks about YouTube and Facebook. He is an idiot. He has no proof, he is full of shit. Other artists came to support Hamza Namira--even though they may not support his opinions. Hamza never spoke about this situation, he is apolitical figure. I respect the host for sticking to the right principles. He called out the secretary. It seems this is slow season and this guy is trying to make a name for himself. This secretary is a loser. He is hiding behind a flag and the army. I do not see how he is picking on an international respected star who inspires people. Even people who like the army and hate the brotherhood are defending the indie artist.
He claims he asked Hamza Namira to come for questioning, he said Hamza never came. It's a shame, this is disgusting. I do not know how the artists of Egypt allow this idiot to speak in their name. Hamza still refuses to appear on talk show like Aljazeera to speak on this. He chose silence.

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