Friday, February 6, 2015

Amar, The Hottest B List Songstress Back With Vampires!

Amar was a name all the boys wanted. She was supposed the next Haifa, and she lived up to the hype. She was bold, exciting and young. She had a good year in the mid 00's. But then she got caught in a family feud. The father of her child refused to give him his name--even though he is a wealthy dirt bag who owns a big media company in Egypt.

After courts and a million headlines, Amar went away and I did not care to follow the drama. Then she returned two years a go with a film. But there was a single she recorded for her song and it actually was a decent track that felt genuine.

The same Amar is back with a new philosophical song rich in CG here she plays some mythological queen from Bollywood. There's no need a pop song should be longer than five minutes. This one goes far into 8 minutes. Who paid for this? This seems like a well-funded project. Amar, glad to see you are back now, but what purpose does this song accomplish?

It's a good pop song, but I am lost with all the outfits and various affects. There's a wolf chase, a forest and a handsome savior. Again, this is a big project, and I hope it helps breath some life into her career. But the public mood is not where it used to be. Vampires sucking blood? Who directed this joint? Did he watch every cliche movies and incorporate it here? Said El Marouk got paid and he is like the Michael Bay of Arabic music videos. Interesting collaboration.        

Ma3 Nafsi - Amar مع نفسي - قمر


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