Friday, February 13, 2015

Angham Best/Finest Love Song This Valentine Day

When you get a name like Angham, you know the song will get played and liked. But when you throw in backing talents like Zizi El Shafi (music) and Amir Teima (lyrics), you know the song will get loved. Angham, promised a new song released for Valentine day and she delivered a masterpiece. Angham does so many good songs, this time you know the song starts right when you hear the sax.

I happen to like all the three names of talents attached to the song. They are masters at their craft and they make so many hits...this is an amazing collaboration and those who like music are the ones who benefit her. When you work with Angham, you better have something fresh to add to her long resume and her expertise. She found a sweet song that has all the right elements in the right dosage, pace and distribution.

these guys had to be big fans of her music and her style to be able to give her something that fits her and break the mold at the same time. Angham wins big here and I love the new single. I think it's safe to say this valentine day, it would be extra special thanks to Angham's new song where it talks about feeling support. The song will be included in her upcoming album. Tarek Madkhour did a fantastic job producing this hit.

This is a top-rated song where everyone who has touched it is an authority on their respective field. You do not cut any corners to create a complex emotional journey that only Angham can deliver with such charm. I am glad to see Egyptian talents are back with such force, they have been missing for some time.
Angham - Sanda Aleik / انغام - سانده عليك

Angham - Sanda Aleik / أنغام - سانده عليك


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