Friday, February 13, 2015

Watch: Saudi Vocalist Ibrahim El Hakami In "Mazajo"

He won a singing completion almost ten years ago, the Saudi vocalist Ibrahim El Hakami was a surprise win, he has a good voice, but not many of his songs are memorable. I do not meant to pile on him, but Ibrahim has done great things in the Gulf. He is a fixture of their concerts and private events where the money is. His name often appears in mega concerts in Doha, Kuwait and the UAE.

But for the casual Arab who likes music, Ibrahim is a relative unknown despite his many attempts to branch out and do songs for TV dramas. I am aware of his concert here in Virginia that did not do well in terms of sales--there are thousands of Saudis who live in the area. He walked away with the title of Super Star 3 when Syrian Shahad Barmda should've been the winner.

But to be fair, Ibrahim knows his idols. Ibrahim names Faiza Ahmad and Thekra as his main musical inspirations. He also plays some musician instruments and his first album came in 2006, the follow up with another was in 2011 and the last album came last year.

Enjoy his music video if you like something tradition.
Ibrahim El Hakami ... Mazajo - Video Clip | إبراهيم الحكمي ... مزاجه - فيديو كليب


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