Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Spot Goes To Mohammed Assaf "Palestinian-Blooded" @MohammedAssaf89

Assaf found a lot of success with all kinds of songs, but it seems he reserves his best energy to those songs that celebrate Palestine. He is great at romantic songs (cover and originals) But it seems that we are always ready to listen to him when he has a song about Palestine. Even those Arabs appreciate those kind of songs as well as the natives of the land do.

I like the music here, and the mix of folklore and techno....such songs require hitting the high notes (almost shouting) He is good with that and such style fits well in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. It's a perfect dance song (Debka) so much energy and so much overflowing patriotism. Again the music wraps the song well and Assaf feels the fire.

الأغنية الوطنية للفنان #محمد_عساف - دمي فلسطيني | Mohammed Assaf - Dammi Falastini


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