Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One of the coolest dance songs For Arab wedding

One of the coolest dance songs I heard at an Arab wedding. It's been ages since I first heard it and it's pretty heard to find on the internet, but I found it so here you go. The daughter of the Sultan is this song's title. And we know it because rock star Rageb Alama sang it back in 80s. Ever since then and this song is played in every Arabic wedding.

The masses love this song, it's a bout a guy who falls in love with a lady our of his league. It's complimentary song of women and most like to move to its beat. The song has many versions and many artists have done covers for it. So enjoy it at your next dance party. This song is the go to song for every Arab DJ. We know the song like the back of our hands.

Bint Al-Sultan بنت السلطان

راغب علامة يا بنت السلطان


  1. Part of the reason it might have been difficult to track this song down is that many people associate it with Ahmed Adawiyya (who recorded the first really popular version of the song), not Ragheb Alama. Not that there's anything wrong with Ragheb's version (it's probably more fun to dance to with the drum sections, and Adawiyya's version is definitely in the older style, especially the clip below with the long mawaal intro), but personal preference and all that...

    احمد عدوية - بنت السلطان - جودة عالية - HD