Saturday, February 14, 2015

Songs To Avoid This Valentine Day; They Will Kill Your Buzz

Please avoid any of these six songs this Valentine day. Each of these songs below talk about a subject you would bring up when you break up. Lots of heartache, pain, tough words, and subtle insults.

Each of these songs is a hit, pop's finest in most cases, they are just not what you want this holiday to be about. It might be that you hate this day, so maybe there songs are right for you. In any case, a good song is a good song.

Amr Diab has a song where he tells his loved one, "What do you care?"

Elissa where she is shocked from her talkative and back-stabbing date.

Nancy Ajram about the things that cannot be explained, but flet. Things if we mention them, they lose their sincerity.

Mohammad Mounir where he gives a rocking bittersweet song about distance and patience. This is a personal favorite of mine.

Sherine, schools her guy and telling him he has been a gentleman sarcastically. He wronged her and let her down. Here she has her revenge.

Assala sings a direct song, upon your request, I am leaving you and exiting your life. It's a proud song in a low moment. Asalah owns it.


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