Friday, February 27, 2015

Download This! Amer Zayan , The Babe of Lebanese Singers Lands With a 2015 Album

The babe of guy pop is Amer Zayan is also the best dressed pop idol from Lebanon in recent years. Now, not only is he a good looking singer, but he is also the best-dressed and most fashionable star. He is like a catalog model. And he is all smiles as he releases his most recent album.

Titled "2015" as he is not sure what title to go with, which can be only a good sing of his nine tracks. I likes his album from two years ago and I know he has been working hard on his follow-up. His lead seems to be Bala Black, which he has filmed as music video.

Aside from looks, he has a good soothing voice that seems to align with one's voice in head. He sings to a woman and makes her feel wanted, but he also offers other comments and life wisdom. Though the album is concerned with the Gulf market as 80 percent of the tracks are not even in the Lebanese dialect. Amer wants to make a big name in the Gulf where the concerts are big the checks are huge. I have to note the Marwan Khoury crafted track here (number 8) It's a gift from the skies.

Album link

01 - Bala Black
02 - Bs Bs Kafi
03 - Dari Wala Mo Dari
04 - Low Enta
05 - Maktob Ahebak
06 - Meno Ele Yhen
07 - Min Tighar
08 - Rah Ghani Ellaila
09 - Yala Yala Elma Nemta

Amer Zayan ... Rah Ghani El Layli - Video Clip | عامر زيان ... رح غنّي الليلة - فيديو كليب


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