Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diana Haddad New Music Video "Haflet Hob" All About Love

Diana Haddad has so much money to spend on whatever music project she desires. And it seems she has burned through a lot of cash on various songs and music videos with hopes of restricting her A list status. Diana is a big name in the Gulf music, but she took a very long break from making music for the other Arabs, so they almost forgot about her.

she tried to do more versatile songs in Lebanese, Iraqi, and Moroccan but it was really late. She is doing ok financially because she lives in the UAE where she is a frequent guest. She is also a citizen of that country (though she is a native of Lebanon who was raised in Kuwait.) Ever since her divorce few years ago, and she broke free. That meant she could make more songs and does not have to be managed by her former husband and manger.

She looks so radiant and she seems to be at peace...this song of hers is a treat to her fans in the Gulf area, yet the song is not about that noise like music they make in some Gulf songs. It's calm and flows organically.

So, when you watch her latest music video, remember all that. I like the title of her song a love party, it comes few weeks to Valentine. It's a light Gulf dialect song which a decent beat. I like the look and the makeup, Diana pulls another comeback. She is looking good while being conservative. I think she has done a better job here. I give the song a B +  Welcome back Diana!

. Diana Haddad ... Haflet Hob - Video Clip | ديانا حداد ... حفلة حب - فيديو كليب


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