Monday, February 2, 2015

Egypt Won't Put Food On The Tabel Ya Khaled Zaki

Egyptians nationalists are on the rise, but as they march toward that sense of imagined community, freedom and democracy are lost. I love how the false chooses in Egypt are the following, you either live in chaos or under a dictatorship and a brutal rule. So, they hired these well-meaning singers who are young, and pay them big bucks to sing Egypt. This is all nice, but here's the truth...

most Egyptians would kill for a foreign visa, and they would do what it takes to give birth to their babies in a Western nation. Not all of them, there are people who love their land and take pride in it, and those people may be unemployed and they maybe driving a BMW. But the army and their state run media, have been using this for generations---they are disconnected. With that in mind, enjoy the new song "I love Egypt" song by Khaled Zaki

Men Soghrna - Khaled Zaki من صغرنا - خالد زكى


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