Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wael Kfoury Sues Yara Over Their Duet (Video)

Yara had a problem. A Song she recorded with Weal Kfoury as a duet was released. Wael told the press he hated the song and we was upset the song was released. He also brought a lawsuit against Yara. Now, Yara did not speak about this song on the record and she refuses to tell Elaph anything about the lawsuit.

It's unclear if Yara had anything to do with releasing the duet. Wael is not a pleasant guy, and even those who work with him do not like him that much. Wael filed the lawsuit late 2014 in Lebanon. The song was recorded more than two years ago. But Wael Kfoury seems to regret recording the song and he did not want the song to be released. Plus he is on the record saying, he was not happen with the final version of the song.  

I do not get Wael Kfoury, Yara is a nice pop star who has no enemies and has a clean record. Why is he picking a fight with her?

وائل كفوري ويارا ..بعيوووني

يارا لإيلاف: لا أودّ الحديث في دعوى وائل كفوري ضدّي وعادل كرم حبيب قلبي!


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